plus I don't smell like BBQ sauce anymore

random things about my little dude...

Meme of the Week: SOS

Gong hei fat choi! Congratulations and Be Prosperous!

week 3: you're in the groove, then BAM!

movies and the books that spawned them: a challenge

week 2: pain for a pound

larabars, creamcheese, and shovels -- oh my!

keepin' it real

he's hot and he knows his way around Max Power's tool

have you made the switch?

what the *aych-ee-double-hockey-sticks* are you doing here?

luckily I have great hand lotion

how does he come up with these things?

week 1: don't hate me because I lost 2 pounds

Excalibur! It's Delurking Day!!!

I love these... be ashamed to know me... I am...

when lessons in table manners go spiraling out of control

hm. so, self-indulgence *does* have its limits.

2009's First of Many Memes

Will hitting "Reset" rewind time & make me an 18yo hottie again?