luckily I have great hand lotion

So, we bought our dishwasher last September, but I still have dishpan hands. Yeah, it hasn't been installed yet. We tend to procrastinate in this household -- a lot.

I still consider procrastination a bad thing -- especially when it comes to delaying the installation of my dishwasher -- but I have to admit that it's saved our butts on more than one occasion. Like the time we had $20,000 just lying around (I must say that I still heart Nortel for laying us off) that we were going to pour into tech stock. If we hadn't waited as long as we did. Anyway, narrowly dodged that bullet.

Back to my dishwasher. No, in this case, it wasn't the procrastination. The old washing machine was just a complete bitch to remove! It's a really old machine, as you can see in the picture here, meaning it had to be wired in (instead of just a regular plug in). And the kicker: it could've been installed BEFORE the countertop was put in place, meaning we would have to CUT OUT THE COUNTERTOP to remove it!

I was seriously having visions of a beautiful new eco-friendly countertop in my kitchen, like this recycled glass and concrete number by IceStone. Gorgeous, eh?!
Or a sweet Tyndall stone slab I can get locally.

Anyway, no such luck. Wait, what am I saying?! We got lucky. Roomie got the offending machine out without problem. See?

And now there's this hole for the new machine to slide into.

When is the new one going in? Probably within the next couple of weekends. So, I see a few more days of dry dishpan hands in my immediate future. And this dry weather certainly isn't helping keeping me moisturized.

Speaking of the weather...

It's F*CKING cold!!! The windchill is back to -43C again. I've caved -- there's no way I'm letting my kidlets are walking out in that cold. Yesterday, Mini came home (Roomie picked up the kids by foot) with a red frozen cheek -- she'd wiped her nose across her cheek, wetting it, and it froze.

And now, Environment Canada is saying that it's going up to +1C by the weekend -- that's +1C!!!
Yeah, nuts.

That's why my family looks like this. Yes, I married a Mexican wrestler, we reproduced, and he looks just like his father.

Maybe my sad, old dishwasher out back is cold too. Perhaps he needs a balaklava.

What do you think?


  1. I think I want to hear about whether the old dishwasher is still there tomorrow, and I mean *before* the garbage trucks come!

    I was thinking of doing a post on the freaky garbage-nipping neighbourhood we live in, but probably won't (smacks of effort). I'd still like to hear if yours makes it to garbage day!

    (your boys look more like burglars than wrestlers. But warm burglars! Of course if that little one held me up, I'd give him whatever he wanted because that little toothless grin is SO ADORABLE peeking out from greek pastry - oops I mean BALAklava!!)

  2. You know, the feeds on my iGoogle page are sometimes painfully slow at displaying new posts. Often I find new posts on my "regulars" by going to check on my own.

    Such was the case this morning with this post, where I read it without really noticing the title. I am quite relieved because I can't imagine what I would be thinking if I read the title "luckily I have great hand lotion" after an intensive discussion about rectum cloths.


  3. @harmzie:
    I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to say BAKLAVA! LOL :)

    I *knew* it!!! I knew you were going to say something about the title! :D

    I'll let you know what happens to the dishwasher tomorrow afternoon... Roomie's afraid that he'll come home to a totally disassembled stripped dishwasher mess all over the place.
    I'll keep you posted.

  4. Do people really use tyndall stone for countertops? It's so porous I can't see it being used without a sealer, and I would have assumed that any sealer would change the colour and feel of it enough to make it less attractive.

    And wait... if your electric dishwasher isn't installed yet, doesn't that make you the manual dishwasher? Would Roomie really be all that upset to find the manual dishwasher stripped and all over the place? I'm sure you can even work your hand lotion into your fantasy there somehow. Just send the kids over to Harmzie's first...

    And regarding Nortel severance packages, the "joke" for years has been that those who have evaded 16 rounds of layoffs (70,000 people let go!) would be there at the end when there is nothing left for severance packages. And that day has come --- those recently laid off who have not yet received their payout now get zilch. Those laid off while the company is in Chapter 11 not only get zero severance, they get zero notice --- the day you get tapped on the shoulder is your last paid day. So count yourself double lucky for your severance...

    I'm not going to pretend that I think that the remaining employees are the best and brightest of everyone that ever worked there, because there was obviously some luck involved, being on the right projects in the right locations, not on anyone's list of enemies, etc. But you'd think that over 16 rounds and 8 years, the rank and file employees still left would be, you know, the kind of people that deserve something other than the worst possible financial punishment and the most harrowing torture of not knowing whether each day is your last. Which just goes to show, you sometimes get what you don't deserve.

  5. I think it's now saying "PLUS SEVEN" for SUNDAY!

    *falls over*