50... aka "Oh, Crap, She's Back!"

Yes, this week, I turn 50!!!

 Feels like only yesterday that I was just turning 40.  It was a weird decade, and frankly, I'm glad it's over.  I'm leaving the bullshit behind, pressing the reset button, starting new, and celebrating!

So, as my gift to myself, and to you too, of course, I humbly and excitedly throw open the doors to my "new and improved" online home...

Welcome to Life Candy 2.0!

Come on in. Grab a drink. There's a teapot of darjeeling on the counter, some sangria in the fridge, and a bottle of Drambuie on the bar.  You'll probably recognize some of the furniture. I've decluttered a lot but kept many of my favourite pieces. So, it's pretty similar, but less sweet and more saucy, with a hint more cowbell.


My 7yo Daughter Got the Ultimate Boyfriend for Christmas.

[Republished from December 2011]

"We got the best presents this year, Mom!"  

Oh, what a relief!  But really, if your handsome young son said, "Mom, could you PLEASE get me a 3DS for Christmas?", and you got him one, would he really say anything else?!  No, he wouldn't... if he knows what's good for him.

As for Mini, you can repeat the above.  Just replace "3DS" with "Barbie Camper".

See?  They love -- Lam playing with total focus, Mini doing the "I got the Barbie Camper I've wanted for MONTHS!" dance.

Oh, but the gift most loved by the WHOLE FAMILY is Mini's gift from Roomie's brother and SIL!


Coconut Natural Deodorant.

[Republished from 2011]

{image by iyer venki}

As y'all know, I LOVE organic coconut oil.  A lot.  A "buy a dozen jars, eat it, slather it all over me, recommend it to other people, slather it forcibly on those who resist" kind of a lot. It's an addiction, I tell ya -- I may need to seek therapy.
I blame the island girl part of me.  She's weird.  And a little slutty.

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