moving day.

Originally published in 2015. Republished again in 2021 and modified to reflect the new blog and current times.
Because, this time, I'm ACTUALLY doing the thing. Yeah, I half-assed it last time. Not now.
I'm totally WHOLE-ASSING it this time!


Wow, this feels weird.  But oddly right.  A little bittersweet though.  Oh, who am I kidding? -- It's a LOT bittersweet.

On these pages of Life Candy, I've shared many of the fun and funny things my gorgeous little family and I have experienced over the past 8 years.  We've grown up together over the years.  Do you remember what it used to look like?

Oooh, aaah...

You've laughed with me, and occasionally at me (it's okay -- I find myself in ridiculous predicaments a lot... especially with these clowns I live with), and it's been such a blessing to have you all here commenting your funny comments and hanging out on my online home.

It's like having you over at my real house, but not really, which is good, because, you know, COVID. And I'm an introvert.  I don't like people in my hermit cave except the creatures who actually live here with me.  So, if I haven't invited you over to my actual house, it's not you -- it's me.  I mean that.

But I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.

Today, I officially say goodbye to Life Candy.  

Oh, she'll still be here.  She'll continue to be a source of joy in the future for me, for my family, and for many who Google "rectum cloths" or "bill campbell" and end up here, reading about my "cycles" and cutting nipple holes into shirts for job interviews.

Good times, good times...

As the title to this post suggests, I'm moving on to different things... a new blog.

But why?

Primarily, my little blog fodder have grown up a little and really aren't as willing to do the crazy-ass shi*t that kept you coming back in the past.
My children are in their teen years, and I've decided to hand over the management of their own interweb/social-media presence where it belongs... with them.  I'm okay with it.  They're savvy, somewhat paranoid, and tend not to overshare... unlike me a parent of theirs who shall remain nameless.

Oh, I'll still occasionally blog about them in my new place.  Just not as much.

My scientist-guy husband, on the other hand, can't get away that easily.
He says I'm stuck with him, but we all know he's stuck with me.

Ahem, anyway...

To continue to blog under Life Candy doesn't feel right any more.  If I'm being completely transparent, it hasn't felt like me for a LONG time.

It's like wearing control-top panty hose.  It looks good, but it's not entirely real, sometimes uncomfortably twisted around one leg, bunchy around the crotchal region, and going to the bathroom can be such a nightmare, especially when your skirt gets stuck in it, and...

Damn it.  So...

I have a new blog home!  And I'm so EXCITED!!!  

It's comfy.  And I'm all about the comfy.
It'll be all about my crazy fun experiments to improve my life, adventures with family and friends, weird things that somehow happen to me, and the everyday joys of being a girl.
It's like Life Candy, except with less sweet and more cowbell.
I'm so excited to share it with you! So, head on over to...

If you loved it here, you'll love it there!

Thank you for coming and allowing me to share my life with you here at Life Candy.
Hope you jump over with me!

A Big Bag of Trouble

... and in the immortal words of The Tick: "That's Trouble with a capital TROUB!"

Look at me, carrying my luggage -- my big bag of life's essentials plus a whole bunch of other junk that fell into the black hole that is my bag, and, I swear, went into hiding.

I love this thing. It's stylish, casual, and fake leather. $39 at Smart Set in St.Vital. I just sling it over my shoulders across my chest, and I'm fully-equipped yet hands-free. It's awesome.

But why the big bag? Where is that small swing purse I swore I'd use as soon as both kids were potty-trained and I was diaper-gear-free?

Ah, my small swing purse. I remember getting it so many years ago, when I finally accepted that I couldn't carry everything in my pockets without looking like a complete moron.
But it's okay. Back then, I didn't need much. Just my wallet, lipstick, keys, paperback novel, and gum.

Now, I guess I need more. I have a big bag -- so I must NEED MORE stuff to carry around... right? RIGHT?!!! (scroll down for the list)

1: paperback novel (Julie Garwood's The Wedding -- a fun book I like to keep in the bag for emergency reading situations)
2: Global Mind shopping bag - which folds down really tiny to almost nothing
3: big notebook - daily To-Dos and blog ideas
4: small notebook - because I'd forgotten it was in here
5: cellphone - my Razr which I LOVE
6: mp3 player
7: 2 tissue packets
8: 2 pairs of gloves
9: 3 pens
10: sunglasses
11: pack of gum - Spermint Xylichew
12: deck of cards - for "Go Fish" when the kids get bored or a quick game of Solitare
13: hairclip
14: lipstick - Aveda CocoPlum liptint
15: perfume sample papers from Fruits & Passions
16: 3 toothbrushes, 1 special bridge brush, 5 packs of floss threaders, and 2 sample flosses -- from my dental appointment yesterday.

And this doesn't even include the emergency first aid kit I grab when I have the kids with me. Sigh.

Oh yeah, I shamelessly copied Ali, when I did this. She's funny. I like her. I want to be her. Except with only 2 kids. That *never* barf.

My 7yo Daughter Got the Ultimate Boyfriend for Christmas.

[Republished from December 2011]

"We got the best presents this year, Mom!"  

Oh, what a relief!  But really, if your handsome young son said, "Mom, could you PLEASE get me a 3DS for Christmas?", and you got him one, would he really say anything else?!  No, he wouldn't... if he knows what's good for him.

As for Mini, you can repeat the above.  Just replace "3DS" with "Barbie Camper".

See?  They love -- Lam playing with total focus, Mini doing the "I got the Barbie Camper I've wanted for MONTHS!" dance.

Oh, but the gift most loved by the WHOLE FAMILY is Mini's gift from Roomie's brother and SIL!