My 7yo Daughter Got the Ultimate Boyfriend for Christmas.

[Republished from December 2011]

"We got the best presents this year, Mom!"  

Oh, what a relief!  But really, if your handsome young son said, "Mom, could you PLEASE get me a 3DS for Christmas?", and you got him one, would he really say anything else?!  No, he wouldn't... if he knows what's good for him.

As for Mini, you can repeat the above.  Just replace "3DS" with "Barbie Camper".

See?  They love -- Lam playing with total focus, Mini doing the "I got the Barbie Camper I've wanted for MONTHS!" dance.

Oh, but the gift most loved by the WHOLE FAMILY is Mini's gift from Roomie's brother and SIL!


It's Aloha Friday!

When I lived in Hawai'i, I really enjoyed Fridays. People all over the Islands put on their best Aloha shirts, dresses, and muu-muus, beautiful flower leis, and hair flowers (left side for married/taken/unavailable, right side for singles), and of course, in every store and establishment, you hear the fun-loving rendition of "It's Aloha Friday - No Work Till Monday...."
It's a celebration of the Spirit of Aloha, Hawaiian culture, and the end of the workweek.

Here in Sarongville, It's Aloha Friday! is a compilation of awesome randomness I've come across online or IRL throughout the week.  It's our way of celebrating the arrival of the weekend.  Enjoy!

2015 To-Do List.

By Frank Vincentz (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

2015 is MY year!

It really is!  And I'm so freakin' excited!  I love pressing that "Reset" button, and becoming a New Me.  You know -- Better... Stronger... Faster.  (Cue theme song!)  Yup, it's the 6 Million Dollar Me but without the electronic implants.  Maybe.

Anyway, I have big plans for 2015!  Plans within plans.  But if you don't write these plans down, they don't exist.  Seriously, one of my coaches, mentors, and business partners, Susan Sly says that.  And considering the fact that she IS an actual 1+ million dollar woman, I listen to her.

So, what's on my 2015 to-do list?  Check it out...

1:  Get to 21% bodyfat and see my muscles, dammit!!!
I have a photoshoot scheduled for mid-February, and I'm going to look amazing by then, but for now, I've gone and hit it.  The dreaded "P" word.  Plateau. UGH!!!  Time to bust through it with daily consistent action by...
  • drinking 3 litres of water daily
  • not making lame excuses and just sticking to my workout schedule: weights, zumba, HIIT
  • cleansing/IF weekly
2:  Hit a very special rank in my company
I admit it.  I've been playing small.  I could've helped so many people by now, but because of my own perceived limitations, I doubted myself and the gift of health, wellness, and freedom I have to give others.  The rank I want to hit is a symbol of how many people I help to create abundant lives for themselves.  It's not about me -- it's about them.  So I will...
  • aim to mentor 3-5 people on my team to $100,000 annual incomes this year
  • help 10-20 men and women feel amazingly healthy
  • do my daily method of operation consistently 4-5 days/week
3:  Be active in the blogging world again
I know.  You've all missed me.  Admit it.  Oh, I've missed you all too, of course!  It's an amazing community of fun people.  Granted, I've moved on (a bit, but not completely) from the mommy blogger world -- many of my old cohorts have done the same -- but I have so much more to share about my new life outside of mommyhood.  My new tribe is still out there.  I just have to talk to them more.  I'll be doing that by...
  • blogging 3-5 times per week here on Life Candy
  • reading 5-10 blogs/day
  • commenting on 5 blogs/day
4: Go out for dinner with my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler, dazzle him with my beauty and wit, and despite all his begging, refuse to run away with him.  And you thought I'd let go of this one!  Ha!  I laugh at your silliness!

I'm so excited for this new year!  And I'm so bloody stoked that you're here with me to experience this truly sweet ride!  Onward!