My 7yo Daughter Got the Ultimate Boyfriend for Christmas.

[Republished from December 2011]

"We got the best presents this year, Mom!"  

Oh, what a relief!  But really, if your handsome young son said, "Mom, could you PLEASE get me a 3DS for Christmas?", and you got him one, would he really say anything else?!  No, he wouldn't... if he knows what's good for him.

As for Mini, you can repeat the above.  Just replace "3DS" with "Barbie Camper".

See?  They love -- Lam playing with total focus, Mini doing the "I got the Barbie Camper I've wanted for MONTHS!" dance.

Oh, but the gift most loved by the WHOLE FAMILY is Mini's gift from Roomie's brother and SIL!



I know, right?!  Awesome beyond belief!  He's allegedly the "Ultimate Boyfriend".  It says it on the box and his t-shirt, so it must be, you know, true...

Apparently, he's a "sweet talker" because you can record whatever message you want him to say assuming you're saying sweet things, like "You're so lovely tonight." and "May I please have this dance?".

However, in this house, Ken's been overheard saying "That's right, babe, I work out." and "Hey, baby, wanna come over and have some of my gramma's chicken salad?"


Luckily, Mini's not buying it.  Pig boy Sweet Talkin' Ken isn't allowed in her new Barbie Camper.

What's the most unforgettable gift you've ever received?


  1. Good for her! I would be worried if Ken was allowed in the camper! ;)

  2. LOL!!! omg See I don't have any girls so I had no idea this existed!

  3. I used to get cheap gross Barbies ... this Ken would have rocked!

  4. Better then saying, "I live in my mother's basement", and "Why yes, it is a spray tan".