Hi! I'm Nenette, and welcome to my blog!

In 2007, I started LifeCandy to share stories of my family's antics, the sweeter side of parenting life, and my various attempts at self-improvement as a mom of active grade-school kids.  (See in archives!)

Today, LifeCandy continues the story as I emerge from the chaos of the "kid years" and enter a new phase of life, ready and excited to rediscover and reinvent myself.
If Madonna can do it, I can too!  And I'm taking you all with me!  (I know I can hear you all screaming with joy.)

What really lights me up these days is helping other women like me feel good, look good, and have fun, knowing that age is just a number and our Glory Days are certainly not over.  And that's what I hope you take away from my chatter  brain farts  pearls of infinite wisdom tips and fun stories in beauty, wellness, and life.

You'll still get the occasional story or two of my family so you know that I haven't eaten my still-adorable children or left my scientist-guy husband for any one of my pretend boyfriends.

This is also my IMDB page, because other than a very minor gig playing a prostitute in a local short film (I am so not even kidding), I doubt I'll ever do anything famous enough to have an actual IMDB page.

So grab a cup of tea/moscato/tequila, wrap yourself up in your favourite blanket/parka/person, and relax while you dig into my online home.


I was born at the tail end of the 60s and spent my rebellious teens in the 80s.  I'm a hippy, new wave chick and an island girl living on the Canadian prairie... who knows the lyrics to almost every song by The Carpenters.

I share my home with Cam ("Roomie") my college sweetheart, our two amazing kids Luc ("Lam") and Miranda ("Mini"), two cats (Mittens and Cora) in need of therapy, and a gaggle of rescue former-feeder fish.

I have a degree in Computer Engineering, but I've been a fashion boutique model and shop girl, bassist for a new wave band, waitress, freelance writer, Polynesian dance instructor/performer, dance school owner/director, parenting newsletter editor, cleanse coach, and of course, software design engineer.

These days, I'm the first and only Manitoba-based certified HOT Hula fitness® instructor and a clean beauty + wellness blogger.

I'm a keto girl, aspiring pescetarian, and simple living fanatic.  I've been decluttering for over 12 years.  I love to garden.  My favourite scents are peppermint and coconut, but not necessarily at the same time.  My favourite fruit are blueberries.  And I'm a clean/safe beauty junkie.

Come and hang out with me on IG, FB, Pinterest, and Twitter, or email me at nenette @ lifecandy . net, and we can do sushi and sangria!


    Why "Life Candy"?
    You know how eye candy is "a treat for the eye"?  Yeah, like that, except replace "for the eye" with "for life".  Life treats.  Things that make life sweet -- you know, life candy.
    Also, my childhood nickname is 'Candy'.  It's a Filipino thing.  Everyone had to have a nickname.  I'm just thankful I wasn't called 'Bong-Bong', 'Jhet-Jhet', or 'Wheng-Wheng'... which are actual nicknames of my cousins.

    Did you really have a pet chicken?
    Yes. In the Philippines. I named her 'Manok'... which means chicken. Yeah, I was shockingly creative as a child.

    Where are you from?
    I'm Filipina-born and Canadian-raised.  So, The Philippines.  We moved to Canada when I was almost 4.  And I still know how to speak fluent Tagalog.  In fact, I learned how to read Tagalog AFTER moving here.  It's all phonetics really.  Like Hawaiian.  What was the question again?

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