the 2nd annual freebie list - who's on your list in 2009?

Lainey calls it the "list of 5 'unattainables' you’d have permission to tap without consequence from your significant other should the opportunity arise".
No long-term tapping here -- just a romp in the sheets... or on the floor... or in the sand... or on the kitchen counters... or in the car... etc. You get the picture.

Why do I enjoy this List thing? Because it's such a simple premise, harmless, and so much fun, especially when you're hanging out with a bunch of drunk girlfriends.

And apparently, it's a big thing with many of my readers too. I mean, did you read the comments on last year's post?! Holy crap!

Anyway, these lists are all in fun, and I have no intention of ever leaving my darling Roomie for my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler -- or anyone else for that matter.

So, if you make a list too, we won't hold you to it -- unless you actually want to try out some hot monkey-lovin' with George Clooney or Salma Hayek, of course. ;)

Anyway, on that note, I proudly share my 2009 Freebie List.
And your job is to show me your list in the comments. Okay, let's begin.

1: Gerard Butler -
Despite the spittle and funny pants (thanks, Lainey, you've ruined it for me! :D lol), I'm steadfast in my mad-crush. He's tall, funny, scruffy, and intelligent, and he reminds me too much of Roomie, but that's okay.

2: Ed Quinn -
He's tall, dark, handsome, and played a scientist guy on one of my fave shows, Eureka. But really, it's the VOICE. It's like velvet, people! When he speaks, it's like he's wrapping you up in chocolate.

3: Jared Padalecki -
Okay, this one has landed me square in the center of Cougarville. Oh, for shame! I once tweeted "I want to take Jared Padalecki and do naughty things to him. Is that bad?" According to many Twitter girlfriends, it's not.

4: Joe Flanigan -
Not sure if I'd like him in any role other than that of John Sheppard on Stargate: Atlantis. Haven't seen him in anything else though. He reminds me of Richard Dean Anderson's Jack O'Neill -- funny, sexy, strong leader. He TOTALLY rocks the black t-shirt!

5: Nathan Fillion -
Another scruffy, sexy, funny, strong leader. I LOVE Firefly and Serenity, but if everything else sucked in the show and movie, I'd still watch it for Nathan's Mal. I really thought he'd be too pretty-boy for the job. I am happy to admit I was wrong.

The Unofficial 6-10...

This is like the Area 51 of the Freebie List. It exists. It's got really interesting stuff. Many people deny that it's really there. Well, it's there on MY list!

6: Craig Ferguson
7: Clive Owen
8: Hugh Jackman
9: Joshua Jackson
10: Adam Levine

Okay, now you...


  1. 1. Who?
    2. who?
    3. who?
    4. who?
    5. who?
    how is it you know these people's names? I've never heard of them

    My list?
    the Doctor... yes those are all the things my hubbie goes by :0 I serious have no brain power for thinking of others or time really. I wouldn't even bother hubbie but it would bother me.

  2. 1. Robert Pattison
    2. Shia LeBeouf
    3. Jensen Ackles
    4. Bradley Cooper
    5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    And secret option #6
    6. Tyson Beckford

    FYI...these are not at all in any particular order. I'll take 'em on a "first seen, first served" basis. hahahahaha Eeww.

  3. Hey! How come I get the "drunk" link!?

    I resemble that remark! ;-P

    So... white 'n' nerdy, eh? Generally, me too (emphasis on the nerdy, since the Asian guy at my gym gets my heartbeat going. Technically I suppose, he's not 'unattainable' so he won't make an appearance on The List), but need to spend a little more time which I don't have at this precise moment.

    I'll be Bach...

    (You're a baaaaad girl...)

  4. I don't remember my list (exactly) from last time, so before I look, I'll just be honest and type out a list, then check to see who's moved up or down or who has been removed completely. I can't even fantasize about someone I don't like as a person, so these lucky women are people that actually seem cool, not just look physically attractive.


    1. Amy Adams - I liked her in Enchanted, and I liked her in Sunshine Cleaning. She seems very nice and sweet. Redheads are hot. She's hot. I think she represents intelligence and individuality. Something that most celebrities could use a dose of.

    2. Salma Hayek - You've just gotta have sex with Salma Hayek. She has a killer body. The kind people make paintings of. Not too skinny, not too big. Just right.

    3. Kate Winslet - I like her body, I like her accent, she seems nice. How can I go wrong?

    4. Samantha Mumba - Most people remember her as the hot chick from the future, where everyone is basically one race from the not so great 2002 version of The Time Machine. I just think she's hot.

    5. Monica Belucci - I remember I put her in the list last time, but oddly, she didn't read the post, then immediately email me for sex. Maybe this time.

    And there you have it. Ladies... email me.

  5. Funny enough @Harmzie and I had this VERY Twittersation the other night. Here are my 5 in no particular order...

    1) Gabriel Byrne. Seriously, if he were my shrink I'd be on that couch 5 days a week and I'd be asking for "home" sessions on the weekend. Call me crazy...

    2) George Clooney. I know. It's rather mundane and boring and predictable. But he is still so handsome and devilish....and he seems kind of naughty.

    3)Nathan Fillion - no idea about any of his TV work but after watching Waitress on cable (yet again) - I want me some "I-Heart-Dr.-Pomatter-Pie." YUMMY!

    4) Michael Madsen (circa about 15 years ago). So when Thelma and Louise came out and everyone was all gushy over Brad Pitt and his abs, I was swooning over dark, quiet, sexy Michael Madsen and his puppy dog eyes. Seriously - I wanted to bitch slap Susan Sarandon and be like: Girl - dump that flighty fruitcake Geena Davis and go run off with your man. So no idea what's happened to Michael recently - or if he's even still alive - but I'll take the early 90s version any day.

    5) Tom Ford. The man is stylish, suave and so, so, so sexy. I know he's gay but this a fantasy right? A girl can dream, can't she?

  6. How sad is it I don't even have a list?! I've been so strapped with uni I haven't had time to look even! However to get in the spirit of things I will make my first three

    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Sean Patrick Flanery
    3. Vin Diesel

    It's a good start, right?

  7. 'k, so major shiftage this year. Like Paul, I've decided to not go back & look yet & see what happens...

    The Starting Lineup:

    1) Daniel Craig - I have to eat some crow here and say that I was totally all "WHY would you EVER fantasize about someone who looks like your SPOUSE? AND Gerry looks NOTHING like Roomie". BUT, now I realize, that there is a resemblance and more importantly, there's one to you. Because... I totally see a resemblance between Max and my Danny... He (Max, that is) told me to lay off the ketchup chips because I was hallucinating, but I think he was just being modest. He didn't argue TOO hard b/c y'know, whatever works. I'm totally "it works. Now where's your British accent?"

    2) Adam Levine - I still don't think I can have an intelligent conversation whilst I'm thinking of, well, just about any Maroon 5 video.

    3) Gabriel Byrne - I seriously have to get back into television (still think he and Bryan Ferry might be the same person. Ever seen them together at the same time?)

    4) Andrew McCarthy - was a teen favourite of mine and has aged well. Very well.

    5) Clive Owen - oh dear. Elizabeth I might have been my favourite historical character, but when she went all goo goo for Clive Owen, she actually went up a few notches in my book. Don't confuse me with "historical figure" vs "Hollywood movie about historical figure"

    Backup Pitchers: [*snarf*]Orlando Bloom; Brad Pitt; Harrison Ford; James Spader.

    But I really don't put all that much thought into this sort of thing.

  8. The freebie post goes into it's second season, hooray!

    My list is short and hope you don't mind adding in CF as well...

    1. Whoever that cop was in "Fast and Furious"
    2. Craig, he is adorable + beyond hilarious = great in bed.
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Antonio Banderas
    5. Matt Damon

    Here's to our freebies!

  9. @zanrda, Yippee for the Patz luv!
    @harmzie, Daniel Craig. Yumm.
    @Paul, I agree with your number 1 and 3 if I was to pick my girls, but I'd add in Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson, and Elizabeth Banks.

    Ok now for my list...
    1. John Barrowman (yep, still my number 1, sigh...)
    2. Edward Cullen (He IS real, dammit. I don't care if people think it's odd that I'm obsessed with a fictional vampire. He's H-O-T.)
    3. Peter Berg (ok, so my list doesn't change much...)
    4. Daniel Craig (double OH OH!)
    5. Zachary Levi from Chuck. Cute, nerdy, hilarious and did I mention, cute?
    6. Barret Jackman (Defenseman hockey player for the St. Louis Blues)

  10. Great list, Nenette!

    My list
    1. Becks (he doesn't have to speak)
    2. Depp (hmmm... with chocolate)
    3. Padelecki (nuff said)
    4. Matt Damon (I like a sense of humor)
    5. Simon Baker (he looks really naughty. Naughty's good)

  11. @zandra -
    Oh yeah, Jeffrey Dean Morgan -- he is yum, isn't he? Nice list, cuzin o' mine!

    @Paul -
    Nice list! I must confess that I had to look up Samantha Mumba -- she's beautiful. :)
    Salma Hayek and Monica Bellucci are definitely on my girl list along with Brooke Burke, Aishwarya Rai, and Rosario Dawson. :)

    @Country Girl -
    LOL Harmzie refers back to her List often -- although she blames me for getting her to make one in the first place! :)
    Love your list! I highly recommend Serenity! Nathan F. is just so cute and yummy in that one! And Tom Ford's just fine... yes, it's all fantasy. In fact, some of my friends IRL have a young version of Sean Connery on their list!

    @Kari -
    Excellent start! Johnny Depp is sah-weet!

    @Harmzie -
    I'm glad you FINALLY get the whole spousal resemblance thing! And I dig how you can see Max in your Danny -- or is that Danny in Max? :)
    Anyway, I don't dare ask Roomie to do a Scots accent... I've already heard it.

    @Jen Hill -
    Oh, we can share Craig. :) And how could I forget about Antonio?!
    Great list, Jen! And thanks again for the stumble :)

    @Jami -
    Oh, yeah, Edward Cullen... although you know I have a thing for Carlisle! :)
    And when is the new season of Torchwood coming out?! I need my Jack fix!!!
    Awesome list, girlfriend! Thanks for doing this again :)

  12. @Su -
    Ah, Becks... yes, best if he doesn't speak at all. :)
    And I agree wholeheartedly: naughty's good. LOL

  13. Ok, by request, here are mine, in no particular order.

    1. Jessica Alba.
    2. Rachel Stevens. How can you not love that accent on top of her hottiness?
    3. Jennifer Aniston. Oldie, but goodie.
    4. Brooke Burke. I can't stand that I find what I have seen of her personality to be unappealing, but she's just too damn undeniably hot to not be on my list.
    5. Salma Hayek. Want Moar!

    Of course, the "B list" is a cast of thousands. :-)

  14. @Roomie -
    Ah, yes, the cast of thousands! LOL
    Well, as for Brooke Burke, remember that this list is purely for shagging purposes... intelligent conversation and sparkling personality are icing, but certainly not essential. :)

  15. @Harmzie -
    Okay, girlfriend, I got Roomie to provide his list -- now you have to get Max to share his!

  16. That pic of Clive Owen just makes me all melty inside.

    Others who have a similar effect:

    Johnny Depp
    Hugh Laurie
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Sakurai Atsushi

  17. @musingwoman -
    Ah, yes, 'the melties' :)
    I'm glad I melt, because otherwise, I'd burst into flames!
    Oh, Sakurai Atsushi is quite yum.

  18. OK, that's odd. I was sure I added my list last night, but it's not here....

    One more time then:

    1. Clive Owen
    2. Ewan McGregor
    3. Craig Ferguson
    4. Hugh Jackman
    5. Nathan Fillion

    Funny that most of my 1-5 are on your 6-10. Although Ed Quinn and Joe Flanigan could move up on my list...

    @musingwoman - Hugh Laurie too.

  19. @myrtle -
    Yeah, that's weird... I never got it. But glad you came back to add it again.

    I thought Ewan was #1 on your list. :)
    Aside from him, we definitely seem to have the same taste in dudes! heehee :)

  20. MaxPower02 May, 2009

    You have to realize for a guy this list is a little less meaninful as we are unecombered by the whole "does she stimulate me intelectually thing", guys need a little less to be stimulated. Men are visual and women are mental (take that any way you like). This is why men like porn and women read errotica.
    Anyway the list:
    1. Heather Locklear - I figured my number one selection should be some who is my age. Check her our in Spin City, hummina, hummina.
    2. Rihanna - mmmmmmm...... chocolate
    3. Jessica Alba - no explanation needed.
    4. Beyonce - I like big butts and I cannot lie....... I do not like her music, but that does not matter.
    5. Nicole David - No one will know who this is so check the link.

  21. @MaxPower - fapfapfap

  22. There you have it. I cannot overemphasize the absurdity of the statement:

    "You're not gettin' any until you search teh interwebs for hot girls you'd far prefer over me, prioritize them and submit the top 5 to Nenette for the world to see."

    But there you have it. And now he's trying to get me drunk. I'll let you know what name he screams. I'm betting on "Nicole" as it - I mean she - crosses over several passions.

  23. Hmm, I can see I'm going to have to think about this. Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp, definitely, from the ones people have already mentioned. I'll get back to you when I've had chance to think this through! :)

  24. After watching Fringe tonight I couldn’t imagine a freebie list without Joshua Jackson (hello Pacey! When did you grow up and graduate from Dawson’s Creek?) so I had to add to my list. Once again, in no particular order (b/c that would require way too much fucking brain power…)

    Joshua Jackson: As discussed: Hello Pacey. Or whoever you are at this age because…YUM.

    Jamie Sheridan. Is this the weirdest crush ever? Because I have always hearted Jamie Sheridan. Especially in “All I Want For Christmas.” And even when he had that weird disease that required him to wear an eye patch.

    Colin Firth: totally trumps Hugh Grant in the charming British bad boy rogue category. Well…now having second thoughts because Colin seems rather decent and not so rogue versus Hugh who seems totally rogue despite starring in a number of sachrinney American rom-coms and this is in no way a reference to personal decisions he has made in his life…So can Colin and Hugh sort of tie for this spot because really…I’d shag them both.

    Taye Diggs b/c really…is there anything to even discuss?? Any more wine and I’ll go to 20…

  25. @Country Girl -
    Great additions!
    I must confess that I had to look up Jamie Sheridan. He doesn't look familiar, but I'm sure I've seen him in The Stand or (gasp!) Spencer for Hire. Either way, very nice. :)

    And OMG, Colin Firth! Isn't he awesome? He topped my list a few years back. It's the whole Mr. Darcy thing for me. He's off the list not because he's declined in yumminess -- he's just been pushed out by yummier dudes.

    Anyway, yes, he and Hugh can tie in the British Rogue category. ;)

    Love your list! Glad you added on :)

  26. I love, love, love Lainey.

    As for my list, well, hard to say.

    In no particular order:

    Ewan Macgregor
    Clive Owen
    Hugh Jackman
    Joshua Jackson

    and, don't kill me,

    Brad Pitt circa the Gwenyth Paltrow era.

  27. @Mandy -
    Oh, I don't hate you... he was pretty yummy back then. :)
    I'm surprised he hasn't appeared on more lists. Him and Clooney.

    Great list, Mandy!

  28. Sue Murdock13 May, 2009

    You know, I find it interesting that most of the men you have chosen actually bear resemblance to your dear roomie...
    coincidence??? I think not! ;)

  29. @Sue:
    Yes, you noticed that too, eh?! :) My fantasy man is... my husband! Yikes! LOL

  30. Awww, but that's sweet!! You two are cute together:) Like two high school sweethearts!

  31. Last night I watched The Unborn, which starred Carla Gugino. I'd like to add her. She's really hot, and I loved her in Watchmen and I've had the hots for her since I first saw her in Snake Eyes. She's only 6 years older than me too.

    When I saw her, my first thought was, "I'd do her", though she doesn't look very doable in The Unborn. The second thing I thought of was this post of yours, so here I am to update it.

    You should make a web site where, like Twitter, you update your list of people you want to shag rotten.

  32. Theoretically it would be kinda fun to experience Monica's Bellucci for all five of my votes but my backups would be Salma's Hayek, and Greta's Scacchi, oh and I'd hop in a time machine back to the 80's for Jennifer's Connelly, and way back to the 60's where I would really dig Anita's Ekberg...and I wouldn't want to be too hammered because then I wouldn't remember it :)

  33. Here is a little sumpin to get ya'll in the mood.