like fire for cat food.

I've said on many occasions that being with Roomie eliminated the need for tv. He's a walking, talking sitcom. And now he has 2 little co-stars.

The other day, as I settled my sick self on the livingroom couch under a blanket with my throat-soothing cup of green tea, the following conversation ensued in the kitchen...

Roomie: "Why is there cat food spilled on the floor?"

Lam: "Mini pulled the dish away from the cat while she was still eating."

Me (yelling from my pirch): "Mini, don't take food away from the cat while she's eating, okay?! It's not a nice thing to do!"

Mini: "Okay, Momma!"

Roomie: "You only take away the thing the cat's eating if she's eating things like poison."

Lam: "Or if there's a fire."

Mini: "Or if she's eating fire."


Wait, what?


  1. Makes perfect sense. Must be the bitchflu has you discombobulated.


  2. thats a smart kid right there...

  3. Friendship award over at my blog :)

  4. It could happen. Dropped any jalapeno's on the floor recently?

  5. @musingwoman -
    no jalapenos, but we sometimes do habaneros... so yeah, you're right, that might happen! :)

    @prairiechicken -
    very clever... and sneaky

    @harmzie -
    yeah, damn bitchflu...

    @kyooty -
    thanks so much!

  6. Hahahaha! Love the family humor!!! :)

  7. @Toni -
    glad you enjoyed it! it's like that every day here :)