2009 Blogger Friendship Award

My longtime online buddy and fellow-Scorpie, Kyooty, gave me this sexy ol' award! Thanks so much!!!

Now, it's my turn to share the love with these 8 fabulously awesome, rockin' nominees -- in alphabetical order:

1. AndreAnna - Diary of a Modern Matriarch
2. Harmzie - Harmzie's Way
3. Luc - Luc's Pictures
4. Mark - markbanaag.art
5. MusingWoman - In Three Words
6. Prairie Chicken - Here on the Prairies
7. Quel - Daily*Quel
8. Su - Vively Online

1. Take your award here.
2. Put the logo on your post.
3. Link the person who awarded you.
4. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
5. Add links to those blogs on yours.
6. Leave a message for your nominees on their blog.

Okay, now you guys -- Go on and share the love.


  1. How awesome! Thanks so much!

  2. MOM/MeMaAprillynn04 May, 2009

    Thank you for nominating my Daughter, AndreAnna. She is awesome and an inspiration.

  3. You rawk sister! I'm so touched, thanks! And in such good company too!

    Can I renominate YOU?

  4. Thank you, my friend! That is so freaking awesome!

  5. Thank you! I've added this to my awards page. :)