too busy to get in trouble. obviously.

I've been...

(List Inspired by Life Begins at 30 and Hula Seventy)


  1. Love it when the pants fall off, I did that one day, walked down stairs with a basket of laundry which means no hands available, got to the bottom and my pants were at my ankles! Some things ROCK!

  2. Congrats on the weight lose. I'm jealous!

  3. @kyooty:
    Whoa! Glad it didn't trip you down the stairs! :) But yes, that totally rocks!

    @Lisa Sharp:
    Thanks! Lack of patience is my biggest problem, so getting some feedback like the numbers on the scale going down or my pants falling down shows me that my patience and consistent workouts/healthy eating will be rewarded. :)

  4. Losing your pants?!? I always miss the good tweets.

  5. # singing out loud to songs I love
    > YES! Sing it loud, sing it proud!!

    # loving poached eggs with salsa for breakfast
    > Ooooh this sounds like a great combination!

    # knitting a blanket of rainbow hue for my beautiful little girl
    > She will cherish this for years to come!

    # shrinking by 2 pounds every week
    > Oh wow! Congratulations!

    # dreaming of pretty sandals
    > Pics pics when the dream comes true!

    # smelling freshly baked cookies
    > And eating!