3rd annual top 5 crushes: who's on *your* list?

It's the 5th day of the 5th month, and the new official day to share our top 5!

Do you have a List? You know, The List of, as Chandler put it, "five different celebrities that we can sleep with, and the other one can't get mad." Other one being your significant other, of course.

Now, let's face it, I'd never pull an Indecent Proposal on Roomie. Even if my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler offered himself to me naked and rolled up in an exotic rug -- which he totally would do if he ever met me, because, yes, I'm that awesome -- I'd still say, "I'm sorry, pretend boyfriend Gerry Butler, but I love my husband, and would never sleep with you or anyone else, even for one night."
Then he'd continue to beg and cry copious tears, because of, you know, the awesomeness of Nenette.

Still, I gotta say, making and sharing my lists have been ridiculous fun... and apparently, *all* my readers enjoy sharing their lists of hot men and women too! Be sure to drop yours today.

This year, my list has changed a little...

1. Gerard Butler
I don't think I can ever move this dude off my list. He's my pretend boyfriend! Despite the spittle and pants (thanks for pointing that out, Lainey), he's cute, funny, tall, dark, and scruffy. And I will always be down with that.

2. Bill Campbell
Bill is prime example of men getting better with age as he's only improved since The Rocketeer. Tall, dark, and handsome, he re-appeared on my radar recently as Dr. Bruce Manlius on one of my favourite shows, Eureka. Bill is seriously giving Gerry a run for #1 on my list.

3. David Tennant
Doesn't he just seem like the biggest barrel of fun?! Okay, maybe not in this picture, but geez, if I had a choice of any Doctor to go traipsing around the Universe with, I'd choose David. I will miss him in that role. Can't wait to see what he's got plan next.

4. Ed Quinn
I used the same picture for him as last year because I (a) love a man in a kilt, and (b) look at his abs!!! But again it's that deep voice of his that gets my attention. When he speaks, it's like he's wrapping you in rich, luscious chocolate.

5. Joe Flanigan
He's fun and funny! As I said last year, I think I like him because he reminds me so much of a younger Richard Dean Anderson. I love the Atlantis reruns on Space -- I get to see him run around and rock that black military-issue shirt. Heeheehee.

Who's on *your* list?


  1. I don't really have one to be honest - I like women who are natural and there are very few famous women who look even remotely natural these days!

  2. 1) Jared Padelecki (!!!)
    2) Ryan Reynolds - for his cute Canadian charm :)
    3) Robb Flynn (he's in a metal band called "MachineHead" - love him
    4) Jake Gyllenhaal
    5) Keith Urban (although he's lost some serious appeal since Nicki)

  3. Mine are either way older than me or way younger than me - there's no one out there in my peer group. Hahah!

    1) Gerald Butler - it would take a sheer miracle to knock him out of my #1 spot.

    2) Chris Pine - he's adorable!

    3) Robert Pattison - yes, I finally jumped on the Twilight bandwagon after reading the 1st three books! I'm working on the last one now.

    4) Takeshi Kaneshiro - HOT for an asian! And I take back what I said about not in my age group. Hee hee hee!

    5) Matthew Macfadyen - Loved him as Darcy, enjoyed him on Spooks and can't wait to see him on Robin Hood as Sheriff of Nottingham!

  4. Anonymous05 May, 2010

    #1 Gerard Butler - no one even comes close to knocking him out of first place !

    #2 Joe Flanigan - love a man in uniform

    #3 Russel Crowe - a perfect Gladiator and Robin Hood -- can't wait

    #4 James MacAvoy - my passion 4 accents is showing big time

    #5 Chase Crawford - young but oh so cute ...

  5. One of my personality traits is that I'm loyal, to a fault sometimes; but it even shows in my freebie list!

    Even though my list is in it's third year (Can you believe it's been 3 years that we've been blogging, Nen?!? Where does the time go?), many of the same guys are on it. My list is an /ul (unordered list for the non-html folks) since they are all pretty much tied for first in my eyes.

    The repeat offenders who've made my list 3 years running:
    Peter Berg - I've had a crush on this guy since I was a teen and he *still* hasn't come knocking on my door despite the fact that I'm single now! Dammit, what the hell, Peter?

    John Barrowman - I miss Captain Jack Harkness, I miss Torchwood. No other guy I know can pull off the long trench coat & antique revolver look like John. He's delicious!

    Zachary Levi aka Chuck Bartowski in Chuck - I can't resist a tall, geeky spy with dark hair, dark eyes. I wouldn't let many people near my computer to fix it, but he could have a pass anyday! Just think... we could have css & html pillow talk. ;)

    The newbies for this year:
    Oded Fehr - I always thought he was hot in The Mummy movies, but he was over-the-moon, make-me-all-melty in Resident Evil Apocalypse & RE Extinction. Dayyummmnnn... I would love to go zombie hunting with Oded!

    Josh Duhamel - He was THE reason I watched Las Vegas (let's face it, that whole cast was eye-candy!), and he's one of the many reasons I watch Transformers 1 & 2 over, and over, and over again.

    My runner-up:
    Mark Harmon - Like Peter Berg, I've had a long-term crush on MH since I was in high school (which was when I discovered boys, I was a late bloomer... horses were MUCH more important!). Anywho- MH as Gibbs in NCIS sealed the deal. His head smacks to Dinozzo crack me up, he has mad wood-working skillz, and he carries my favorite gun, a Sig Sauer!

    Since I'm single now, I threw in an extra to celebrate that fact. So if any of these guys want to show up on my doorstep, just email me... I'll give ya directions.

    I guess you could sum up my list with the fact that I like tall guys with deep dark eyes, dark hair; and it's a bonus if they're a geeky and carry multiple guns. ;-)

  6. Mine are currently Chris Thile, mandolin playing genius. I recently met him (with my husband) and left without his baby, much to my sadness. He did take a picture with me, which was really nice of him.

    Damon Bennett. Who, you ask? How could you NOT know him (she asks sarcastically?). He is the foreman on the tv show, Holmes on Homes. So dreamy and so good at construction.

    Kyle Chandler and Taylor Kitsch. I would move to that depressing, devil town Dillion if I had a chance with any of these guys. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!

    Zach Braff was high on my list until he was not so nice to Mandy Moore. I had to leave him behind last year. His loss! :-)

  7. I can't even think of one. I haven't had a crush on a celebrity since Michelle Pfeiffer was in her twenties. The current crop of starlets all looks the same to me.

    I think I just realized the problem. In the olden days, you would mostly see stars on the big screen or TV shows or music videos, which is to say, at their best. Now I see them when my wife points them out doing horrible things and looking terrible on Perez Hilton. They look like women I see at the dog park.

    Okay. Halle Berry. I've never seen her look bad.

    I like Kate Winslet, but I'm not all drooly about her. I just think she's cool, and that makes her attractive.

    I had a thing for Jennifer Connelly back when she was in Labyrinth when we were both about 17. She's still hot. Or hot again. So there's her.

    Nicole Sherzinger is really smoking. But kind of annoying. Her hotness probably makes up for a lot.

    Jeez. One more. I can do this. Oh, duh. Portia di Rossi. I know she would be into me, and that is a very attractive trait.

    That took me a really long time, and now I feel dirty. Thanks.

  8. @Tawny: Great list! I completely forgot about Jake! I really tried to stay out of Cougarville for my list, but I'd make an exception with him. :)
    I know what you mean about Keith, post-Nicki. Same thing happened to me Jared, post-Genevieve.

    @Cyndi: Oh, yeah, Rob... he's nice. :) Hurry up and read the 4th book -- I want to know what you think of it!
    Oh, Matthew Macfadyen! I LOVED him as Darcy too. Mind you, I'm a sucker for any guy who plays Darcy. Colin Firth was on my list for SO many years because of that fact!
    Excellent list, g-sis!

    @Anon: Oh, yeah, accents get me too!

  9. @Jami: I know!!! 3 years!!! So awesome we've been friends for 3 years. :)
    But, I gotta say, in a way, blogging-wise, I feel like I'm starting over. Like a re-birth. I've been off-and-on recently... but I'm back on, baby!
    Okay, yes, now I get the whole Zach Levi thing, and yeah, I totally miss John and Torchwood. Have they finished filming series 4th yet?! I wish they'd hurry up!
    OMG, and Oded Fehr! I adored him in the Mummy movies. I haven't seen him anything new lately though... I should look into imdb and do some renting.

  10. @Kelly: OMG, Damon, yes. He's cute and casual... and extremely capable. I admit that I enjoy Holmes Inspection because of him. (I'm such an HGTV junkie.) Great list!

    @Beta Dad: Valiant try! And you did come up with a great list. Yeah, thanks to paparazzi, the mystery is gone these days, especially where female celebs are concerned.
    My husband feels the same way as you about Jennifer Connelly! He loved her in Rocketeer and Labyrinth... still thinks she's hot in Beautiful Mind. He said he's putting up his own list... I should "remind" him.

  11. Hmmm... I'm always hard pressed to come up with this list, let alone get it laminated. If my wife wants to bring one of these ladies home for a fathers day gift, I wouldn't complain. In no particular order:

    -Jessica Alba (ok, maybe she can be in order)
    -Rachel Stevens (SClub7)
    -Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), still, after all these years
    -Lisa Scott-Lee (I had to look up her name - the tiny dark-haired pretty from Steps)
    -Erica Durance (from Smallville) can mud-wrestle for position along with a new contender, Karen Gillan (from Dr.Who)

    I wish there were some gorgeous famous petite busty southeast asian women like my wife to put on the list, but popular media haven't been feeding us any lately.

    Maybe I should trade one for Milla Jovovitch onto the list, since for the next month she'll be more "local". ;-) I'll trade her for Isabella Rosellini.

  12. Oh Nen. This makes me so nostaligic because it was this post last year when I kind of got to *know* you know you - you know?

    Anyways - thanks for cluing me into Billy Campbell. Holy Hell did he grow up to be delish.

    My list is LOOOOONG but in the interest of playing fair...

    1) Have you seen Chris O'Donnell recently? I know he's all Mr. Good Two Shoes and all but damn if he isn't fine on NCIS: LA. I mean. SERIOUSLY.

    2) Joshua Jackson. Pacey's all grown up and I'd like to do dirty things to him. With him. Have them done to me. Whatevs.

    3) Nathan Fillion. Always. I mean, ever since I saw Waitress I've had sweet, sweet dreams about Dr. Pomatter.

    4) I don't care what anyone says about George Clooney - he is and always will be absolutely GORGEOUS and I would happily let him play a practical joke on me. Or under me.

    5) Oh. Number 5. So many to choose from. I'll have to go with Agent Seely Booth aka David Boreanz. He probably has his own handcuffs so it's like - an extra win.

  13. Oy! None of yours are on my list! Mine would be: Clive Owen, Brad Pitt (the older Brad Pitt), Clive Owen, Clive Owen and Clive Owen.

    Happy Mother's day!!!

  14. Lists excite me so! ;)

    Here's mine (not in order of preference, I would take them in any order):

    1)George Stroumboulopoulos
    2)Olivier Martinez
    3)Javier Bardem
    4)Adrian Grenier
    and my number five...totally out of left field...
    5)Chase Crawford


  15. It's a good idea to do the list every year! My number one is and always has been Jon Stewart from the Daily Show. (Thanks for commenting on my Cougar Crush post today so I could find you- Justin Timberlake is my #1 Cougar Crush)
    Nice post!

  16. @Nen, I completely agree with the rebirth of blogging thing. I think I'm experiencing it too. Last year I was a complete zombie on my blogging. Just turning out articles without enough personality, just trying to get through each day. But I'm Baaa-ckkkk! :)

    Oh and I thought of another runner up... ok, well actually two. The brothers from the Supernatural TV show: Jensen Ackles (he's my favorite) and Jared Padalecki (he's 5 years younger than me, but really, what's 5 years, right?!?).

    If you haven't seen Oded in Resident Evil, at least look for some pictures of him in all his gear. Yumtastic!!

  17. OK. I think the hormones are flushed enough that I can answer. Kinda. Maybe I'll take them, maybe I'll just stab them in the face with a chopstick (see? mellowing. Two days ago it would have been an ice-pick. Three - a samurai sword. Four - a chainsaw).


    1) Daniel Craig. So pouty and broody.

    2) Adam Levine. I follow him on twitter, and I should probably stop, because - dude you're not helping your case. Just sit there & be pretty, m'kay? (well, DON'T just sit there, if you show up at my door, IYKWIM)

    3) Brad Pitt - duh.
    4) JT - duh

    5) Randall Munroe - I think he might be old enough now that it's not *completely* inappropriate. Barely. Don't google image him. He looks like Topher Grace, actually. So yeah. I mostly crush on his nerdy brains. Oh my god. I'm a cougar-zombie.

    OK, so maybe I wouldn't stab any of those with anything. But a couple of days ago if any of them had shown up at my door, I would have been all "SHUT UP AND POUR ME A VODKA, BITCH!" Good times.

    P.S. did you know that if you took the photos of all your choices and shuffled them around I wouldn't be able to tell any of them apart? Except for Ed Harris. Oh! Oh! Oh! Ed Norton. No 6.

  18. Can't believe I didn't make the list!