sunshine and the stalking of lovely things.

The lovely and wonderful Keri at Outnumbered Momma gave me this sweet Sunshine Award! Keri is simply awesome -- she's multifaceted, fun, candid, brilliant, and a fellow-Canuck! She is a the lone flower in a field of mostly testosterone... even the puppy's a boy! Go and give her a visit -- you'll just love her. :)

Now, I know the rules say that I'm to choose 12 of my favourite blogs/bloggers to award, but I love so many, so... I give everyone on my "Dailies" list this award!

If you read me and are on that list (it's there in my sidebar marked "Dailies"), please grab this badge and spread the love! If you're not on the list and want to be added, let me know!
Thanks again, Keri!!! xoxoxoxo

And in other awesomeness...

+ This pretty-in-pink Hamlet poster makes me giggle every time I look at it.

+ I want to live here, here, here, and in any one of these.

+ I'm hungry and I want to eat, bitch!

+ If you don't have room in the backyard, try the roof!

+ I want to replace our falling-apart softwood chairs with these ones.

+ How did this guy NOT make it to my top 5 list?!!!

+ What's your favourite smooch?

+ Wouldn't it have been awesome to be the one to put this together?!

+ I love functional art. I have the perfect place in my house for that gorgeous sliding door.

+ Cozy spots like this only reinforce my love of small homes.


  1. okay, you've finally kicked the "interior designer" in me to come back out and take a hard look @ my own abode.

    i just signed another year lease for my apt and i've been there for 5 years - ya think it's finally time to make it home? :)

  2. How was Jake Gyllenhal NOT on your list?!?!? He totally should be!;)

  3. Can you imagine getting paid to play with Lego? Wow, that is almost as good as working in a guitar shop!

  4. Lego is why I became an engineer. I wanted to design toys. D'oh.
    (true story! Even the "d'oh".)

  5. Awww, I love this! Thanks so much for sharing my blog :) I love reading are hilarious & I can only dream of being as witty as you someday. I thoroughly enjoy basking in your awesomeness, straight up! Hope you're having a great Friday!