Sniffing Out Treat Day Leavings...

Every Sunday in our household is Treat Day, the one day of the week the kids are allowed to eat anything they want. Yes, anything.

From sun-up to sun-down, Lam and Mini can enjoy with impunity the foods normally forbidden all other days of the week... chocolate, cookies, deep-fried french fries, ice cream, Slurpees, pop drinks, cinnamon buns, sugar cereals, lollipops... you get the picture.

Since its inception in July 2007, Treat Day has been wildly popular.
And soy sauce is made from soy beans.

But aside from the bleeding obvious, it's also made feeding my kids healthy foods on other days much easier. Knowing that they will eat sugar crap all Sunday somehow makes that bowl of broccoli and carrots on Thursday a little more tolerable. Somehow.

And the kids have surprised us. We thought they'd cram their little faces full of chocolate until they barfed, but they are aware of their limit and stop when they reach it... something their mother seems to have trouble doing when faced with a big bowl of dark chocolate and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

So, anyway, the day after Treat Day, the task of finishing off any stray treats that can't be saved 'til next Treat Day is left to Roomie and me. Tough job, I know.

Today, Roomie was sniffing around the kitchen obviously looking for something. He suddenly stopped and looked at me with suspicion...

Roomie: "So, I see that the little pieces of your son's Aero bar I was going to nibble on are missing."

Me: "Yes, I hate waste, you know. But this is still here." *Still grinning, I open the freezer door and show him the unopened container of Dibs.*

Roomie: "But will it last until the end of the week?"

Me: "I will not touch it."

Roomie: "Is that a non-answer that actually means 'I will use tongs'?"

Me: *laughing too hard to answer*

Roomie: "I'm right, aren't I?"
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