The Girl Crush: Who's on Your *Other* List?

A big thanks and a wave to Paul for breathing new life into one of my favourite posts Who's on your Freebie List? His own fab freebie list, the first all-girl contribution added to our comments, had a few of our lifecandy regulars chiming in with their own suggestions.

It would appear that we all have our opinions when it comes to lovely celebrity ladies -- no matter which side our bread's buttered on! :)

That made me think of the first time we made girl lists, in addition to our regular boy lists.

It was during my girls' weekend in Toronto 7 years ago, when I, along with my girlfriends myrtle and Sly, stayed with a couple of our honourary "girlfriends" -- Jeff and Russ -- for a weekend of dining, dancing, and dishing.

See that picture? That's me trying to look sexy and not barf on Russ (Jeffy isn't pictured). It's not what you think. I was 8 weeks pregnant and had bad morning sickness. No boozy for me!

Anyway, Jami's great suggestions for girl hotties had me thinking about that old list of mine, as well as who I'd choose among today's celebrity babes for my current girl list. So, of course, I made a new list.

How about you? If you're a girl who likes boys, which girls would you put on your *other* list? Boys, you too!

Here's my 5, in no particular order:

1: Angelina Jolie

She always looks so effortlessly beautiful. Never afraid to show her strength, she's gutsy and is willing to take risks.

2: Rosario Dawson

I see myself hanging out with her. Going for drinks and singing at a karaoke bar. She isn't super super thin. She looks normal and healthy.

3: Kate Hudson

Another fun girl. She has a relaxed and confident attitude that's very attractive. I wish I could be like that too. She has a beautiful glow that I would never be able to have, being dark-haired and all.

4: Cameron Diaz

See Kate Hudson... except she has the experience of a 30 year old. Fun -- Charlie's Angels fun.

5: Salma Hayek

Just like what Paul said: "She's so smoking hot. She's got a great body, just the right amount of curves, not too skinny, not too big. Just right." All in all, I wanna be just like her!

Okay, now you!

The photos of the ladies crapped out on me so I decided to ditch them. Anyway, I also decided to add more to my list. Please pardon me as I just thought of them!
  • Alyssa Milano
  • Diane Lane
  • Heidi Klum
  • Kristin Davis
  • Lucy Liu
  • Renee Russo


  1. Hey! Thanks for the link love! It's always appreciated!

    I wish I had an *other* list, but I'm so manly that even if I was gay, I would be gay for women.

    Wait, that doesn't make any sense.

    On your list:

    The only time I was ever attracted to Angelina Jolie was in the movie Foxfire, where she showcases her assets. I had a friend that owned that movie just for that scene.

    I know she's a staple of male (and female) attraction, and yes, she has nice lips for a Caucasian, and I think she's a decent actress, but perhaps because so many people find her attractive, I never really did. After Foxfire.

    Rosario Dawson - I've never been attracted to her and I think she's a bad actress. In Sin City listen to her say, "I tied those ropes myself!". It still sends shivers down my spine.

    Kate Hudson - I've never been attracted to her. I tend to like women who aren't as chipper or... happy. I like the dark side!

    Cameron Diaz seems like someone I would like in real life, but I've never been attracted to her very much. I came close in something about Mary, probably because I like women with a sense of humor.

    Salma Hayek - Meow.

  2. @Paul -
    Is that anything like being a lesbian stuck in a man's body?

  3. The list is hilarious in a way... like all the women who say "ooh, the girls on Sex and the City are gorgeous" and all the men say "what? those dogs?" .... ;-) Ask your hubbies if you think I'm kidding about the S&TC actresses...

    Arf, she said.

    On second thought, cross your Roomie off the list of guys to quiz on this. I happen to know he once had a thing for Shirley Feeney, which is just so weird.

    But I will volunteer that I have a framed autographed (personalized!) photo of Batgirl! :-)

  4. Having not given a lot of thought to this myself, the only references I have to go on are (a) Mr H's recommendations (desires - I can't believe we have these conversations, I choose to believe this is the sign of a healthy relationship. However, should he so much as wink at one of his "list", he knows I'll gouge his eyes out); and (b) those for whom I say to myself "hey, I'm her" (or some kind of variation). As a testament to our compatibility, most of the (a) list end up becoming (b). Is it agreement and synchronicity of relationship, or desparately trying to retain a husband's interest as the years of a marriage extend? That is left as an exercise to the reader.

    Off the top of my head, I come up with:

    * Rihanna - an (a), as she appears to be #1 on MrH's list. I found it kind of disturbing when she and Adam Levine (my #1) did a duet. It sounded dirty somehow...

    * Heather Locklear - talk about a 40+ year old hottie that keeps it up! She's from the (a) variety

    * Helen Hunt - a (b) maybe because for some reason she reminds me of me, and i just imagine that it's appearance. Mostly, it's a throwback to "Mad About You" which I saw as (except for the dog) about my husband and I early on. I kind of thought I was imagining things until I saw a rerun a couple of weeks ago. Nope - it was about us. They (Jamie & Paul) became nut-job parents, tho. We didn't ;-)

    * Jennifer Aniston - generally considered hot by the masses, but turns out she's really funny. I like funny. Especially in ladies.

    * Cate Blanchett - Ass-kicking Elizabeth I. Power IS hotness. Nuff said. (I don't really want to see her in a submissive role, but my fantasy of her comforts me into believing that will never happen)

    I think Angelina Jolie is someone I don't really find "attractive" so much as someone I'd really like to go for drinks with. A "girlfriend" as opposed to a "girlfriend"... :-)

  5. @albert -
    "Eye of the Beholder", man. :)
    Besides, the boys are supposed to chime in with their list of "boys"... This is totally same-sex stuff. Roomie would have to put his girl list in the original post... just like you didn't. :)

    @harmzie -
    you know, when I made my list, I realized that it was populated by the girls that I'd also like to hang out with as "girl friends" or be more like (curvy like Salma).
    I wonder why.

    Yeah, funny is extremely important... that's why Antonio Banderas almost made my boy list. Have you ever seen him in an interview? He had Roomie and me LOLing!

  6. All right... I'm stealing a few from your lists and adding a couple of my own.

    1. Angelina Jolie. She wouldn't have been on my list a few years ago (in the billy bob era).

    2. Salma Hayek. Yeah, she's beautiful.

    3. Cate Blanchett. Beautiful. And like harmzie said "Ass-kicking Elizabeth I".

    4. Tina Fey. Funny funny funny. Cute too.

    5. Kate Winslet. I've always liked her. She seems very down to earth in interviews. Plus, you gotta love the accent.

  7. Oh, wait. I just thought of another... Catherine Keener. Love Catherine Keener.

  8. I also have to add that if Christina Aguilera or Kylie Minogue growled in my ear, I might just switch teams. Tina Turner... Pat Benetar... I'm just sayin' is all... Etta James.

  9. @ Nenette: I think it's exactly like that.

  10. @myrtle -
    you and harmzie are seriously convincing me to have a second look at Cate Blanchett!

    @harmzie -
    OMG, how could I have forgotten Kylie Minogue and Pat Benetar?! Nice... :)

  11. @Paul -
    So true, what harmzie said. I think the fact that we all see this as a fantasy game is what makes it such fun to play.

    To take all this seriously would be incredibly irresponsible.

    Yeah, it's all in fun...

    So, please feel free to share the list of dudes you think are hot these days. We need a male perspective.

    But, if you tell me Mario Lopez is better than sliced bread, I may have to shut this blog down and become a nun...

    [copied to both posts]