random things about my little dude...

Lam's been sick. A fever of 40C, low energy, and nausea. And we fear it's just the start. A bunch of kids in his class have had the stomach flu. I guess it's our turn. I'm giddy with anticipation.

As a tribute to my little 6-going-on-36yo guy, this post is all about him. Here we go...

1: His daily "uniform": long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and mis-matched socks.

2: Lam was confused when he found out that he couldn't send his classmates emails because they wouldn't be able to read them -- while he was in Nursery School.

3: When Lam gets sick, he likes to sit on the couch under a bunch of blankets and watch NewsRadio DVDs.

4: Lam has his own blog. Sorry, the URL is (sorta) a secret. If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

5: Four of his stuff animals are named: (1) DontPet the Lion, (2) Ano, (3) Atteno, (4) Menteleto (Yes, my son speaks English.)

6: He's a social networking fanatic -- He's bummed that the closest thing to Facebook he has until he's 13 is Webkinz.

7: He gets freaked out when suspenseful music comes on during Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, but he'll watch -- from beginning to end without flinching -- Van Helsing.

Scary spider...

Cuddly puppy...

8: Lam burst into tears when we told him that we wouldn't install Windows XP on his computer -- he later conceded to having Linux installed instead.

9: Lam loves sitting around in coffee shops... with my laptop and a mug of hot chocolate.

10: He has yet to understand "personal space". My boy is what you would call a closetalker. You know, REALLY CLOSE. Like this...


  1. Rosebud tells me that the sheep and dog show is scary. I have no idea what the name of the sheep and dog show is, but evidently YTV ought to be hung for putting such scary claymation on their channel.

    I miss the days when she was contented solely with Treehouse. That's quickly becoming "for babies".


  2. 6. Have you ever considered Club "effen-southern-polar-flightless-bird"? I hear about that *constantly*. I have allowed the free "limited" membership, but am continually harrangued about getting the "real" (i.e. Big Bucks Per Month) membership. You know, "so I can have more than one pet & decorate my igloo" :-| Apparently, you can earn all kinds of "credits" in the trial membership, but can't spend it on anything until you get the full one. :-|

    So anyways... my feelings on the matter might be apparent. What are yours? (There's a chat feature, which is why I bring it up)

    10. I quite enjoy that your little dude is a close talker (so far - I may have to draw the line at, oh I don't know, 9? 12?), but I have to say that picture freaks me out!

    @wyliekat - Treehouse is slowly slipping from my fingers as well [sigh, no commercials]

  3. you're so funny! luv your puns + antics as you write. wishing you're little one to feel better.....oooh yes nursery school + stomach flu daze/not my fav memories. but they're sooo cute when they're this little. sending thoughts of happy your way too xoxo

  4. @wyliekat:
    I don't think I know that show. Lam likes Teletoon -- he's into the superheros and shows like Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny that we used to watch. Mini still loves Treehouse.

    Family Channel doesn't have any scary shows... unless you're frightened by Hannah Montana... like I am. :)

    Yeah, we used to hear A LOT about Club Penguin, so we bought him the Club Penguin for his Nintendo DS -- and that's kept him happy.
    He's never used the chat on Club Penguin. He likes chatting with people he actually knows.
    He'll be chatting with you one day on Google Chat if he hasn't done so yet. He may have tried with Max already. :)

    Family Channel has no commercials... but it has Hannah Montana. I must say that I LOVE Kim Possible on that station. :)

  5. @taste memory:
    thanks for the well-wishes! :) much appreciated.
    Lam's in Grade 1 now, and although he's been sick sometimes this year, it's nothing like when he was in Nursery/Kindergarten.
    Mini who is now in Nursery seems to have the immunity of an ox. She's only missed a day or two. And she's the last in the family to get sick -- if she does indeed get sick at all!

  6. LAM does know the sheep and dog show, if it's the one i'm thinking of. I believe it's the one that looks similar to the Wallace & Gromit animation. It's funny.

    LAM would like to online chat with people, but we've told him he's only allowed to chat with people he already knows. There are exceptions, like when he's chatting with his opponent during an online Chaotic battle. :-)


  7. @Roomie:
    Shaun the Sheep? No, that's on Teletoon, not YTV. And yeah, Shaun the Sheep is funny.

    Oh, yeah, that's true... he does like making new friends online, but we've been filling his ear with warnings.
    He's been a really friendly opponent on Chaotic. Good sportsmanship for someone so young. Makes me proud.

  8. Shawn the sheep is (probably also, since I haven't heard of the Teletoon one) in an *episode* of Wallace & Gromit. It's called "a close shave".

    If you say "Shawn" with a thick British accent, and then say the word "shorn" with the same thick British accent, the sheep's name is much funnier (OK, to me, anyway). Yeah, I've watched it a few times...

  9. Lam sounds like a cool little dude. I'm curious, for somebody his age, what sorts of things he likes to blog about. School maybe? I wish I would've had a blog when I was that young, but I suppose my pink little diary with the heart rhinestone was good enough :-)

  10. @Kari:
    My budding technophile posts stories about stuff he finds online, funny youtube videos, ways he likes to drink his slurpee, and games.

  11. It's fun to have a little one with so much personality! He sounds so cute! Great blog.


  12. @Mariel:
    Thanks! He is a total hoot! :)
    Thanks for visiting... I like your blog too -- am now subscribed.