week 4: another one bites the dust

That's the song that really got me into Queen. It's that bass. Gets me every time.

Whoa, hold on a minute. My son just said fushizzle. Fushizzle?! Are you freakin' kidding me?! He's 6, for pete's sake. Fushizzle?
He's on the family room computer playing Cardjitsu on Club Penguin against his sister, who's on the dining room computer. (And I'm typing this on my laptop in the livingroom -- Yeah, this place is geek heaven.)
Anyway, fushizzle.

Damn. I have to go and make sure he doesn't shizzle his dizzle. OMGWTFBBQ! Hang on.

Okay, I'm back. Where was I?

Oh yeah, another one bites the dust. Or should I say... another pound bites the dust.

I was back on track again last week. The water retention, cravings, and lethargy -- a distant memory. And I was ready to start experimenting again!

As many of you know, I do a ridiculous amount of research on health and fitness, so much that I tend to get stuck at the "research and planning" stage and never advance to the actual "implementing" stage. A remnant of my software design engineering days? Perhaps.
(And because of this, my husband often dismisses any kind of fitness advice I give him, citing my lack of firsthand results as reason to believe I'm a raving lunatic never to be believed. Damn his logic.)

Anyway, needless to say, during the downtime/maintenance/stare-at-my-pretend-boyfriend period of week 3, I did even MORE research, which meant week 4 was my week to implement my findings...

What I did:
1: Continued my alternating tabata/resistance training and interval training workouts -- except I did them in the morning before breakfast but after a glass of water.
2: Ate high protein breakfasts of an egg white omelette and a protein shake.
3: Stuck to 3 meals/day instead of the "recommended" 5-6. (I really started gaining weight when I started doing the frequent meals thing.)
4: Did a once-a-week mini-fast on Wednesday - A mini-fast (a fast which last less than 24 hours no more than twice a week) increases GH serum, regulates the release of fat stores, and will NOT slow metabolism.
5: Continued to avoid sugar... no Treat Day for me!

What happened:
1: Loss of one pound - which I'm thinking is just fat; no loss of muscle.
2: A noticeable loosening of my jeans - and these are my fat winter jeans that were tight at New Year's.
3: The softening of the fat on my face and midsection - they've lost that dense feeling; more mushy now.
4: No sore muscles - time to step up the intensity of my resistance training.

I still haven't purchased calipers to measure my bodyfat accurately, and I'm still terrified to pull out the measuring tape. Soon. I'll be brave eventually.

Total Pounds Lost: 4 (16-ish more to go!)

Now, one of my goals is to wear a bikini by July, so, with that goal looking more and more attainable, I decided to start looking at bikinis online. These are from Nordstrom.com. The burgundy's my favourite! Inspiring, non?! :)


  1. The small meals all the time mentality of is exactly why I swore of dieting, because it did for me exactly what you describe - caused me to gain weight. Some people's metabolisms (or so I now believe) simply aren't designed for that amount of food - too efficient with the fat storage.

    I like that you enjoy researching and applying techniques. It seems like something you quite enjoy.

    Me? I'll stick to my "habits so bad they'd make Susan Powter faint" - within reason.

    Because reason is the one thing that I've been able to apply to my habits and have success in maintaining a decent weight.

  2. Pounds are so very unreliable, aren't they? You can't even tell if it's water-retention. But hey! The loosening of the jeans is exciting. Woohoo! High-five!

    And, thanks... I now have that song stuck in my head. :)

  3. hey my lovely pinsan. i think he meant "fo'shizzle". Sorry, just saying...

    I think the red one would look hot on you! Of course I'm assuming that you're still a nice "island girl" tan. Right now, day2 of the motherland trip...I'm "island girl" sweaty!

  4. @wyliekat:
    absolutely! our cavemen ancestors didn't have a constant supply of food, so our bodies likely aren't designed to thrive that way.
    I'm insulin resistant so having my insulin constantly high -- with the many small meals plan -- is just making my problem worse.

    I like your "within reason" plan. Great way to live.

    Susan Powter scares me.

    You're welcome. :) I know you'd rather have NO song in your head but isn't that song better than Wow Wow Wubbzy?

    There's an official spelling? I just went with Urban Dictionary's spelling... and they say there's no official spelling.
    Meh, Lam's 6 -- I don't think even HE knows how it's spelled. :)

    Yeah, it's a physical impossibility for me to lose this "natural tan" unless I do a Michael Jackson thing. Love love love the red.

    Have fun in the motherland... stay cool... and enjoy. Safe trip back, sweets. :) xo