stuff I thought you knew about me but actually didn't

Okay, so after being tagged a bajillion times (okay, it was only 3, but I like saying bajillion -- makes me feel famous -- like Madonna) with the 25 things meme that's sweeping the nation (aka Facebook), I decided "Alright, already!" and did mine.

I really didn't think I had any new info to share, since I have this blog, and, you know, I don't know how to hold back. (Because I apparently don't consider talking about my "womanly cycles" TMI.)

So, I couldn't help but go "hm" when some of my blog-reading FB friends said, "Hey, I didn't know that about you!"

Now, who am I to turn down a free post situation?! I'm reposting my 25 Things here on my blog for my readers who haven't friended me on Facebook.

Check it out...

1. I hate talking on the phone. If you call me, you will be speaking to my machine. I will then call you back and talk to *your* machine. On second thought, just email me.

2. I would prefer NOT to be called "Candy" anymore. I have decided that it will be my stripper name -- you know, just like Clark Kent's stripper name is Superman... oh no, wait...

3. As a child, I was busy almost every night with some lesson or other: swimming, hula dance, ice-skating, organ, piano, tae kwon do. All work and no play makes Nen a highly-skilled, exhausted, young girl.

4. I know all the words to the Spiderman Theme from the 60s, and I sing it to my kids upon request, much to the amusement of the people at Canadian Tire last March.

5. I don't drink alcohol anymore, with the exception of a glass of egg nog at the Harmzie Christmas party each year. That stuff is evil good. I just have to stand beside the bowl and get drunk on the fumes.

6. I used to play bass guitar in a new wave rock group called The Contrast. We were also considering calling the band Tragic Element, Mots Nouveau, and The Algonquins. We weren't really serious about the last one. Or were we?

7. I've had 3 boyfriends. Ever. In this lifetime. No, not at the same time. I married the last one.

8. In university, a classmate stood on his chair, and, in front of the lecture hall full of students, declared me the most beautiful woman in the world he'd ever seen. No, that isn't the reason why I married him. I also don't remember this happening.

9. Despite -- or maybe, because of -- having religiously devout parents, playing organ at church (under duress I might add), and attending Catholic elementary school (St. Edward's School) and high school (St. Mary's Academy), I don't go to church or follow any organized religion any longer.

10. I am the only filipino I know who doesn't LOVE Karaoke. There. I said it.

11. I wish I hadn't gone back to Engineering after 1st year.

12. I wish I'd moved out of my parents' house WAY before the age of 23. I tried when I was 21, but they wouldn't let me.

13. In the Philippines, I had a pet chicken named Manok that my grandmother gave me. It died when I gave it a bath and left it out in the hot sun to dry. I was 2yo.

14. I will live in an eco-home that we build ourselves, be it slowly reno by reno or by complete tear-down and re-build.

15. I went on 2 honeymoons: (1) the typical tropical honeymoon in Cancun, and (2) the "geek" honeymoon at the dinosaur museum in Drumheller. (2) was my favourite.

16. I love hanging out at coffee shops with my kids and just chatting. They are crazy fun and have some great ideas.

17. Some people think my first celebrity crush was Scott Baio. Ha! Wrong! It was Donny Osmond. Because, you know, he was a little bit rock 'n' roll.

18. I would eat sashimi and pavlova everyday, if possible.

19. The words guaranteed to make me cry: "I love you, Mama." Seriously. Total blubbering idiot.

20. When I lived in Hawai'i, my apartment faced a lagoon, which we had to stroll through to get to the grocery store and mall. Of course the lagoon was filled with crazy tropical ducks. Man, they were nuts.

21. My thumbs are different from each other. One is just slightly longer than the other. Ask me to show you next time you see me. It means I'm clever, hot, and can make a mean banana muffin. It's true, you know.

22. I can't drink regular milk anymore because, after drinking soymilk all this time, cow milk tastes too much like "cow".

23. As corny as it sounds, my husband really is my best friend.

24. My favourite day is spent here at home -- hubby, kids and me in our pajamas -- relaxing.

25. I'm a pescatarian. That means "vegetarian who eats fish"... oh, wait, no, it means "SEXY vegetarian who eats fish". There, that's better.


  1. I have to say that I was a little shocked when I saw that on FB, but not here! ;-)

  2. Not you too! *facepalm* I can't seem to get away from this bloody meme. *lol* I got tagged I think three or four times on facebook myself. I finally did it and didn't tag anyone just to be spiteful. :-D

  3. @Harmzie:
    I figured I'd inflicted my blog readers with enough memes for a while! :)

    So how *do* I get my mitts on your 25 Things list? :)

  4. My index fingers are different from each other, and they veer out at my knuckles. I've never been able to decide if I hate it, or if it's something unique and kinda cute.

    (Probably the former, but yannnow - a girl's gotta have dreams)

  5. @wyliekat:
    I think those little quirks we have are endearing. Definitely makes us special... in a good, NOT CREEPY way! ;)

  6. Hahaha! Great list. You write so amusingly.

    And be thankful that lagoon didn't have alligators! Eek!

  7. @toni:
    Thanks :)
    And yes, definitely glad there were no alligators... the ducks were scary enough... oh, and there were centipedes... and geese that were always so loud that they sounded like they were mating -- all the time! Yikes!