haven in the long cold winter and dental sedation -- of course...

We have a lot of bunnies running around our neighbourhood -- even in the winter.

It's not easy out there in the cold, and lately the wind just picks up without warning.
So, during one of their Saturdays out shoveling, Roomie and Mini decided to make a small quinzhee in our yard for them to take shelter. With a few carrots inside. It's facing toward the house so it's protected from the wind, and so we can see it from our big picture window.

As you can see, right behind it close to the sidewalk is an inukshuk made of snow blocks.

Father and daughter wanted the bunny to be sure he/she would know where to go for a nice carrot snack and a place to hangout.

Because, remember, bunnies are clever.

Frankly, I think Mini had other plans.

In other news...

The kids had dental appointments yesterday. They don't mind going to see their dentist. Seriously! It's not just me trying to tell you my kids are angels -- even though they TOTALLY are.

No, their dentist lures them with various non-sugar treats:
(1) a toy train that drives around the office and examination rooms,
(2) Disney movies to watch while they wait,
(3) new toothbrushes, stickers, and a trinket they get to pick themselves.

And a new addition: a Playstation in the the waiting room. Wah-hoo!!!

I KNOW!!! All I got in my dentist's waiting room when I was a kid were a bunch of old Reader's Digests!

Anyway, no problems, no cavities for either of them, but Lam is getting quite impatient. He's still waiting for his 4 top front teeth! His dentist said they should show up very soon -- within the next 6 months by the looks of the tooth buds in his gums.

How'd he get this way?

Four years ago, he had to have the baby teeth surgically removed -- they'd come in early, were weak, and eroded down to near the gum line.
To avoid any abscess and damage to his permanent teeth, the damaged teeth were removed. Because he was 2, we opted for the general anesthetic rather than the other option, which was -- get this -- sedating and strapping to a board!

If it happened now? Well, the sedating (and NOT strapping onto a board) would be a viable option, because he's older and would understand what was going on.
And afterward, he'd be all funny like this...

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  1. OMG. I don't know whether to pee myself laughing or cry uncontrollably. That is so sad/funny.

    Mean daddy. His uppance will come.