it's totally sweeping the nation

I can predict quite accurately how disease will sweep through my household:

Stage 1:
Lam catches it from school, gets sick, and brings it home. (Roomie may, 5% of the time, bring the pestilence home if his students are sick -- but yeah, 5% of the time.)
Stage 2: (2-3 days later)
I catch it -- I always do.
Stage 3: (4 days - 1 week later)
Mini -- if she will get sick at all -- will now catch it.
Stage 4:
At this point, if Roomie wasn't the origin, he will get it from any of us -- if he is in fact destined to get it.

Anyway, right now, we're at Stage 3. Lam is doing better and he's at school, but Mini and I aren't doing too well.

Meh, aside from feeling like crap (and having to bring Lam to and from school), we really don't mind. Mini gets to play video games, all day, uninterrupted by her brother, and I can watch the CSI:NY Marathon on SpikeTV.

Yeah, I'm hooked on CSI:NY. Sure, it's graphic, but it really does appeal to the geek in me -- I love the use of science to solve a puzzle. I also watch CSI and CSI:Miami, but my favourite is CSI:NY. Eddie Cahill and Carmine Giovinazzo are definitely easy on the eyes, but you know who really does it for me?

He's not conventionally handsome, nowhere near pretty-boy, and not rugged and scruffy like the men on my List. Actually, he's not easy to categorize.

But he sizzles on screen.

I don't think it's like Ed Harris using The Force on Ali. Because I KNOW who uses The Force on me: that evil hottie-hot hotster Ed Quinn, who, whenever I take him off my List, I'm compelled to put him back on again -- near the top, I might add -- because I see him for like two freaking seconds on Eureka, and I'm hooked!
And he plays a total pompous jerk too. But he's a pompous scientist-guy jerk. I know! How can I stay mad at him? He's a scientist-guy!!!

[Updated 09/02/06: I can't believe I'd forgotten that Ed Quinn was actually on CSI:NY! Even as Stella's scary psycho boyfriend, he was hot -- not scientist-guy hot, but still HAWT!]

Wait a minute, I was talking about Gary Sinise. (See?! Ed Quinn and his damn Force!) Gary's Detective Mac Taylor is so strong and take-charge, yet so, yes, scientist-guy. And that episode where he's running around the building, soaking wet, gun in hand, rockin' that black t-shirt, and chasing the bad guys, it's almost like Ed who?


Anyway, I'm going to stop now, because I feel like I'm cheating on my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler.


  1. Interesting. I love Gary Sinise. Just not in CSI:NY. Whenever I've watched it, he talks in monotone for the whole episode. It makes me sleepy.

    I watched CSI:Miami when they introduced the NY gang. I was so disappointed. It's like Gary took acting lessons from David Caruso. It was all Caruso monotone followed by Gary monotone. Then they'd get in a heated argument. More monotone. GAH!

    I much prefer the Vegas gang. But haven't watched since Gil left.

  2. @myrtle:
    I admit he was very stiff in the first couple of seasons. He's much warmer and personable in the more recent ones.
    I really don't like the Miami bunch either, but I'll watch it for the "puzzle". Never did warm up to Caruso. Doubt I will.
    The Vegas crew I adore too. But with Warrick and Grissom gone, the appeal's a little lost.

  3. I find Gary Sinise quite compelling too.
    And I find myself watching Caruso for the comedy factor. He cracks me up, especially when he's being all heroic or super-serious.

  4. Gary Sinise - HEART

  5. @Su:
    OMG, I have to agree! Too funny! Yeah, he's a little too intense. He needs to dial down the drama to be believable. :)

    Totally! ;)

  6. I've loved Gary Sinise since the rock and apollo. :) Plus Ed Harris is in there too. Double Yum!

    We don't get CBS at our house here, so I've been watching some CSI when I can. But I can't stand David Caruso. Sheesh... that guy is just horrible acting all rolled in a tortilla. But I loved Vegas when Sara and Gil were still on... ah, the good ole days.

    Have you seen the NY where they fight in Second Life? Geek love!

  7. @Jami:
    Oh, yeah, Apollo 13! Definitely double yum! LOL

    OMG, the Second Life episode was AWESOME! Adam was so cool fighting "Yeah, I have skills..." Loved that one!

  8. So bad he's awesome!

    "The verdict is in, Frank. But the jury's out"

    Ahh... CSI. How could I pick a favourite? I wish I could get my hands on some of that crime-solving-spray.