random things about my girlie-girl...

It's Mini's turn -- for the illness and for a tribute. :)
She's not feverish, but she's lethargic, mucus-y, and burning through tissues like her brother burns through McDonald's french fries.

My little Miss-Clever-4yo is an absolute angel -- so loving and so caring. Here are more things about this awesome girl, I'm sure you'd love to know...

1: Mini taught herself math. She had just turned 4 when she came up to me, fingers up, and said, "Mama, 1 plus 3 is 4!" And it's only improved since her brother started quizzing her on a near-daily basis.

2: When Mini is sick, she refuses to blow her nose. She will wait for it to dribble out then wipe it up.

3: Four of her stuffed animals: (1) Queenie, (2) Mermaid, (3) Cute, (4) Love.

4: Mini has the highest score in the family on Mario Party 7. She's reached "Brutal" level.

5: Once, Mini cried at the dinner table because there was NO broccoli.

6: Mini has her own blog. It's by invitation only. Yeah, she's THAT cool.

7: Mini will only come with me for coffee with my girlfriends if I bring my laptop. Otherwise, she will not want to go with me -- in other words, I am not allowed to go.

8: Mini is my garden helper. Oh, no, that's not right -- it's really HER garden, and I'm allowed to help her tend it.

9: Mini has natural grace, coordination, and the makings of an awesome dancer. She fast-forwards to the dancing segments of Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses and dances along.

10: Mini is the reason why we bolted our bookshelves into the wall studs. She is a climber. Like a cat, she'll get on anything to be higher. Even a little bit. Even if it's just onto the wheels of the dolley the new dishwasher was sitting on. See?

Yeah, I don't get it either...


  1. She cried because there was no broccoli? Huh...I guess that's why she's such a good climber.

  2. My little girl won't blow her nose, either! Argh.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower - I really appreciate that!

    Have a great weekend...

    :^) Anna

  3. I wasn't a fan of blowing my nose either. I remember when Mom would hold the tissue of to my nose I would make a slight blowing nose using my mouth and pretend it was my nose. Apparently it's not completely odd!

    As for the climbing - I was also a climber. I've fallen off an amazing variation of things; bleachers, bunk beds, cabin lofts, etc. What can I say - I wanted the best view :-)

  4. Wow, smart kids, both of them! I'm interested to know what kids blog about... maybe they could guest post on Life Candy some time?

  5. Awwww... You know what, I'm another one chiming in with the "I didn't blow my nose either". I refused too. ick. Although I'm not sure why I thought it was better for it to run and then wipe, but that's how I was...