I love these... be ashamed to know me... I am...

eTalk, accesshollywood, TMZ, ET, ET Canada (Is it just me or is host Rick Campanelli a tad too perky to be un-creepy? Considerably more intense than his days as Rick the Temp on MuchMusic.)

the smell of gasoline (just like Ali, from whom I stole the idea for this post)

Days of our Lives

Eggo Waffles with cream cheese slathered on top

twitter (yes, over plurk)

A Public Affair by Jessica Simpson

ketchup on everything


Maroon 5 (which apparently is soccer-mom music -- thanks for the 411, Harmzie. Gah!)

The Twilight Series

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes

Coffee Crisp

Family Feud (Now with John Hurley! New and improved! Richard Dawson without all the cold-sores! No, I don't know if he had cold-sores, but I'm sure there was a good deal of herpes going on with all that smoochie.)

Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, Jared Padaleki, and Joe Jonas

McDonald French Fries

Justin Timberlake (As a musician, he's pretty awesome -- as a person, I just think he's nice.)

jerky, hot rods, bacon (and other offerings of the land of nitrates)


garlic-fried rice

Pussy Cat Dolls

imdb.com, people.com, and usmagazine.com


  1. ...fortunately, you ARE a soccer-mom, so you can look the "critics" square in the eye & say "yeah? what of it? Y'wanna piece of me? c'mon. I'll take ya... pansy" You know. If you so choose. And you could *totally* do it.

  2. Frosted Flakes. Mmmm. I love my Tony Tigers!

  3. @harmzie:
    true, but if I'm going to be given a label, I'd like it to be "hot saucy mom" or "6-pack abs mom". :)
    "soccer mom" doesn't even imply that *I* am the one who plays soccer! LOL

    I had to get them out of the house for my Get Fit journey, or else I'd be in them all the time. I might allow them back in the house when I reach Maintenance. Maybe. :)

  4. lol! I, too, would rather be known as either one of those.

    But in terms of "taking" them, I'd rather take on "hot saucy mom" or "six pack abs" mom than soccer mom! (tho 6-pack ab mom could be a little dicey)

    She'll take the cardigan off her shoulders come up with 10 ways to take you down! And then give you Rice-Krispy squares with Smarties in them.