hm. so, self-indulgence *does* have its limits.

Imagine, if you will, Treat Day. Every single day. For two whole weeks.

Slurpees, cans of pop, boxes of chocolates and candy canes -- ALL DAY, ALL THE TIME!!!

As if the kids needed another reason to think "OMG, I totally love Christmas holidays!!!" They were seriously like little happy piglets rolling in a whole lotta poopage. Okay, I admit Roomie and me too.

Then it happened. We hit the Saturation Point. It happened around Friday, I think: (a) the kids no longer ran at the announcement of newly-revealed/baked/purchased treats, and (b) every picture taken of me was a fat-face shot -- I'd gained enough weight that no angle was a "good angle".

For (a), I present a photo of the Grands cinnamon buns I made on Sunday. Looks yummy, yes? The smell was even MORE awesome.
But get this: the photo was taken 1 HOUR after I pulled it out of the oven!

No one had touched it for a full hour! Crazy, eh?! On a normal day, the whole tray would've been gone in an hour, with one of the kids licking the icing off the foil. And I'm raising barbarians.

For (b), I present... nothing! Pfft. As if I'm going to reveal any of those horrible pictures now. I'm saving all of the frightening fat-face pictures for me to look at every time I want one of those Grands!

So, yeah, with this added motivation, I've started working at getting back my "good angles". Yesterday was Day 1 -- with a good intense hula and tahitian dance workout. Of all the workouts I've ever done, nothing gives a burn like polynesian dance. Seriously. You want to get strong and slim? Join a hula halau!

Holy crap! After almost a year of not doing even a single kaholo, my ass is totally getting kicked! But it's all good. Despite muscle soreness today, I still did my workout. And I'll be doing another one tomorrow. Everyday. Except Sundays. That's Nenette's time!

Don't worry -- you'll eventually see those fat-face pictures of me. As BEFORE shots. When I have a worth AFTER shot to show you as well...


  1. I had 10 days at my mums house, where there is food for miles, I ate all day every day so I know exactly what you're talking about! In fact if I wasn't so totally embarrassed about revealing the amount of weight that went on I would compete with you on who put on the most! BUT, I have turned it around already, I start daily weigh-ins on Sunday morning (where I just about died of a heart attack seeing those numbers!) and by this morning, Tues, I had already dropped 3lbs, phew!! And that is still not cutting out as much as I need too, just cutting back a lot and walking for an hour a day, all sane and healthy stuff. Damn I am hungry though, ALL the time!! I'm ignoring it though, I know it will go away as my stomach adjusts to not being jam-packed all day. Good luck with your goals!

  2. That's exactly the time I hit saturation point, as well. We snacked on salad last night. By choice. As a snack. Salad.

    It cannot get stranger than this.

  3. Good luck, Nenette. Can't wait to read those updates... rooting for you!

  4. you are such a funny lady, nenette!
    Can't wait to see photos of your before and after.

  5. @Nicola:
    Oh, I envy you! :) To have had people cook for you for days and days!!! I would've indulged too... a lot! Congrats on the 3lbs! Getting used to the smaller portions is always tough for me. :)

    wow... salad as snack. what's that like? ;)

    Thanks, Su! I appreciate all the support. :)

    I'm glad I can make you smile :)
    I'm hoping to get those Before/After pics up by end of March.