2009's First of Many Memes

It's Friday, and I'm stuffed full of green tea and chocolate. Yes, I said chocolate.
It's okay -- I'm on vacation.

Here's a not-so-interesting meme about me. I found it on Angela's blog.
Feel free to do it too -- just let me know in the comments so we can come to your blog and read it too.

10 Favorites
Season: spring... the few days when it's warm and there are no mosquitoes.
Color: burgundy
Time: 1:02pm... and not a second before.
Food: sushi & sashimi
Drink: green tea
Ice cream: mango
Place: on the couch, under a blanket, surrounded by my kids, laptop nearby, green tea within reach
Sport: dance -- as long as no celebrities are involved
Actor: Gerard Butler -- who is also my secret boyfriend
Actress: Angelina Jolie

9 Currents
Feeling: relaxed and a little tired
Drink: hot green tea
Time: 10:38pm
Show on TV: Futurama: Bender's Game
Mobile used: a sweet black Razr
Windows open: my blogger dashboard, Karen, Angela, thinkin-lincoln
Underwear: black La Senza high cut bikini briefs
Clothes: brown yoga pants, black t-shirt from Pockets, tan sweater
Thought: "My daughter's hair smells so nice."

8 Firsts
Nickname: Candy
Kiss: I don't really remember...
Crush: Paul Fia -- and he's only gotten cuter over the years
Friend: Beth Maglapit
Vehicle I drove: Chevy Nova '74
Job: Avon lady
Date: With one of my sweetest friends Rick M. at the swanky Velvet Glove -- I was 17.
Pet: my pet chicken Manok

7 Lasts
Drink: green tea
Kiss: just today on the cheek from my little girl
Meal: spinach & italian sausage soup
Website visited: IMDB
Movie watched: Iron Man
Phone call: my sister Ning
TV Show watched: "Dragon" on Treehouse

6 Have you ever...
...broken the law: I'm sure I have
...been drunk: countless times
...kissed someone you didn’t know: No
...been close to gun fire: No
...skinny dipped: No
...broken anyones heart: Yes

5 Things
...you can hear right now: my sleeping daughter snoring on my lap
...on your bed: my favourite fluffy pillow
...you ate today: hardboiled egg
...you can’t live without: love -- okay, all together now: "awwww"
...you do when you get bored: surf the internet

4 Places you have been today:
the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the familyroom, the mudroom... yeah, I didn't leave the house.

3 Things on your desk right now:
earphones, Lego pieces, lip balm

2 Choices
Black or White: White
Hot or Cold: Hot

1 Place you want to visit:
the UK


  1. oh... I SO want to learn how to hack so I can hack your page & make #4 say "Places you have done it today", as my eyes/dirty brain intially read it (leaving your responses as they are, of course)

  2. Well, I did this meme with you and I posted it on my blog too.
    Thanks! It was rather fun.

  3. You say you've been drunk countless times yet never kissed someone you don't know? How can you be so certain?

    I have this other friend who shall remain nameless (as if I have to say her name!) who was once famous for having a few and then getting all kissy with guys she'd just met. She's all grown up and everything now so it's probably not fair to tease her about it any more, but man, back in the day it was pretty funny.

    I'm not saying you ever fell into this category, but hey, I'm just saying...

    Completely unrelated --- the captcha word I have to type into post this is "oventits". Really.

  4. oops. Forgot to come back & add that I have now done this.

    True to character, it took me way too long and I put way too much information in there (could *somebody* please create a meme that says "one word answers ONLY"?)

    Enjoy (be sure to block off an hour, though)

    [I get boring word verifications]

  5. Darn you Albert! (shaking fist)
    Here I spend years supressing my more embarassing memories and you go and bring them up again.

    To my defence, it's not like I did it every weekend. Yes, it was more than once, but less than 10 times. I'm sure it was less than 5 even. (if it was more, I've forgotten the rest - and don't you remind me!)

    An intresting fact is that I'm quite sure you were there for all of them... coincidence? Or were you secretly encouraging me so you'd have stories to pull out 15+ years later. (more fist shaking)

  6. sounds fun. i want to steal this one. hope you just dont mind. thanks.

  7. @myrtle --- hey, I wasn't naming names... you outed yourself, man! If anyone asks I tell them that you are a paragon of virtue and have been since I met you in.... Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ, that was a long time ago!

    A person "of our age" who doesn't have a bagful of embarrassing stories from those years when teens turn into adults probably led an unreasonably boring life at that age. And any temptation for me to tease anyone about goofy behaviour is countered by the possibility of retaliation because I did enough silly stuff "way back when". My head aches just thinking about some of it...

    @Nenette --- regarding the "have you ever" section, I want to know which of your friends have done all six as part of the same event.
    The gun fire one is hard to work in...

  8. @ myrtle & Albert: Thank you for clearing that up. At first I thought "ha ha ha ha!"; then "I wonder who he's talking about?"; then the *tiniest* little part of me thought "Me? No. Are you sure? But... No. No (?)"

    Time. Does nutty things to your memory.

  9. You had a pet chicken? I always (and still) wanted a pet pig. It's not as though we didn't have the room. I will get my little piglet one day and take the very best care of him!