keepin' it real

Nie Nie is BACK! She and Mr. Nielson are in recovery (and still in considerable pain), but they're alive, and it's so good to hear from them.
In celebration of her return, I give you my own version of Nie's Keepin' it Real.

This post is to give you a little tour of the real things in my home. Hope y'all like it. :)

I tag all my photomaniac readers! You know who you are. Do it only if you wish, if you have nothing else to post about, or if you want to wow us with your super-organized undies drawer.

Okay, here we go...

1: Kitchen Sink
Beautiful, eh? That's because all the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher!!!

2: Refrigerator
Note the kazillion cartons of egg white and soy milk (oh, we're running out -- need to get more soy).

3: Favourite Room
This should come as no surprise. I love this room now. It feels comfortable and cozy. I just plonk myself on that loveseat with my laptop, and I'm ready to work. Or I cuddle up close with Roomie and/or the kids and watch tv.

4: Favourite Shoes
Yes, I went into the basement to get these from the "Summer footwear bin". I love them, and it makes me sad that I can only wear them 1/3 of the year.

5: Toilet
It's a toilet. Clean. Flushed. No big.

6: Closet/Dresser Drawer
My stuff's on the bottom. Roomie would break his back if he had to bend down there to get his clothes everyday, so his go on top.

7: Hamper
Yeah, we need to do laundry. The tea set? Yeah, they were wet. Nowhere else to put them at the time. I think they're still there. Lemme check -- yeah, they're still there.

8: What are my kids doing
Mini claimed the dishwasher box for her own little cave. She's furnished it with pillows, her jewelry box, stuffies, blanket, and flashlight. She's put a large blanket on top so she can cover up the large open end for privacy.
Now she has a place to get away from it all -- "it all" being her brother.

Speaking of her brother, Lam is still sick. The poor little dude. He still loves going to school, so he must be really ill to want to stay home.

9: Self Portrait
Just a quick shot of me today.

10: Dream Vacation
The Mediterranean. I want to go to Spain and see something like what's in this photo by Pamela McCreight. It's the coastal city of Tarragona, which used to be the Roman city of Tarraco.


  1. Nice of you to include the rectum cloth in the photo of the kitchen sink.

    I wasn't embarrassed by your blog post about "know me, be ashamed to know me" but I'm shocked by the contents of your fridge!!! That must be 2 pounds of processed cheese slices, PLUS a bottle of Cheez Whiz?

    And, you know, I can look away when I see a lot of things I disagree with, but I don't think anyone that loves their family would allow them to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. When a bunch of local chefs were asked to reproduce Kentucky Fried Chicken in their kitchens, they all came back with the same answer --- I can make it taste the same, but I can't figure out how they get all of that fat into it!

    If it weren't for the fresh carrots and corn, I'd be wondering whether an intervention is required...

    What's in the glass bowl with the blue lid? We were taking guesses at work -- mango slices was the most likely guess.

  2. @albert:
    Fresh pineapple. We've been on a pineapple kick lately, sampling fresh pineapples from everywhere. Conclusion: the best pineapples DO come from Hawai'i.

  3. We have the same countertops! Maybe that's why we get along so well. :)

    When Mini is done with that hidey-hole box, I'd like to borrow it. I need a spot to get away from it all. Hmmm... maybe we should all save our appliance boxes as mini getaway vacay spots? Sounds good to me.

  4. YOUR FAVORITE ROOM looks sooooooooooooo cozy. Super cozy! Can I hang out there too? :D Haha!

  5. @Bionic Beauty:
    Yes, you have great taste in many things, including counter-tops, my friend. :)
    I totally agree with the "mini vacay boxes"! A blanket, a pillow, a laptop, and we're good to go! :)

    You are welcome to come and hang out in my cozy room :) Anytime!