he's hot and he knows his way around Max Power's tool

[Updated: I had to change the title because, well, harmzie's proposed title was just too good to resist! Thanks, Girlfriend!]

It's -5C today. Yay! But my son's sick again. Boo! But my dishwasher's installed! Yay!

Yes, folks, my dishwasher is installed. See? If you want to see the flashing lights -- you know, to be sure -- just click on the pic.

Please ignore the chips and dip on the countertop. What? It was Treat Day!

Yes, my dear Roomie installed our dishwasher on Treat Day, but the work he did was certainly no treat. (Nice segue, eh?)

I truly didn't expect him to make time to get the new one in right away. Work's kept him busier than usual.
But he surprised me -- yes, he's awesome. :)

Okay, the story left off with Roomie having just removed the old machine. As mentioned, we suspected that the counter top was attached AFTER the old machine was in place. (The kitchen was reno'd in the early 80s -- the dishwasher was clearly purchased before that.)

Well, as Roomie slid in the new machine, it was painfully clear that the WHOLE FRICKIN' CABINET WAS BUILT AROUND THE DISHWASHER!
In the very back of the cabinet, there's a 4"x5" toe-kick that didn't interfere with the old machine. The new machine? HA!

So, off Roomie went to borrow Max Power's jigsaw, so he could cut some of the toe-kick out.

Huzzah! Presenting the hole in my cabinet! See where Lam is reaching toward the light? Yeah, that's it.

Mini loved having this little window to see her father toil in the kitchen. And she got a good giggle when he reached back to her.

After all the cutting and wood shavings, Roomie then had to make a quick run to the hardware store for some flexible tubing because the plumbing wasn't lining up. Gah!

It took Roomie all day to finish the installation, but he finished it, and we washed our first load last night.

Big love and thanks to Roomie, who then started working on his work after he sent us all to bed.

My kitchen looks beautiful and finished now that the dishwasher's in. One project down -- 4999 projects left to go!


  1. oooo it's beautiful...

    ...but then that title should read "...he knows his way around Max Power's tool"

    Just sayin.

  2. @harmzie:
    I love it! I've changed it! :)

  3. heh heh heh... That'll learn 'im. Maybe Max will have to start paying attention to the blogs in the 'hood to defend his honour.

    Roomie too? Or is he just a lurker? ;-)