have you made the switch?

Yesterday, I moved my feeds from Feedburner to their new home on Google -- Google bought up Feedburner a while back.

Now, if you have a blog and use Feedburner, be sure to move your feed to Google before February 28, 2009. After that date, your feeds will return either a "404 Not Found" or "301 Moved" response.

You won't lose any subscribers, but your reporting and analytics will need time to catch up.

Anyway, just a heads up. Happy Sunday!


  1. I have no idea what you're talking about!

    Ga! This is why I <3 you. Among other things.

  2. @harmzie:
    don't worry 'bout it -- your feed isn't through feedburner :)
    yeah, I <3 you back, sistah! we missed you last night.