week 3: you're in the groove, then BAM!

Okay, so I'm trying to type this post on my slimdown update, and I'm HOPELESSLY distracted by this...

Yes, my pretend boyfriend, Gerry Butler, is on TV right now, and his stunning hottie-hottiness is seriously interfering with my thought process.



This week's workouts have been interfered with as well. Too bad too. I was in the groove with my workouts. The soreness stopped been as debilitating, and my muscles seemed ready for a step-up to the next level. I felt like a cross between Tom Cruise dangling from the cliff at the beginning of Mission Impossible and Susan Powter.

Then the girl thing appeared. Every month it happens. I feel weak, low in energy, and tired. Crabby and hormonal, I've not wanted to do ANYTHING. And Advil has been my friend, a wonderful, dear friend. I love you, Advil!

I'm hoping that, as I lose the fat, I'll eventually get back the problem-free cycles I had in 2006 and before I gave birth to Mini, when I was, uh, smaller.
Meanwhile, I have not lost any more weight. But I have also not gained any weight.

So, I remain...

Total Weight Lost: 3


  1. huh? what did you say?

    i stopped reading the blog after that awesome picture! heheheheh!

  2. STOP IT!! Maintenance is success. And hey, at least you're not jumping on the couch - are you? ;-)

  3. I simply can't diet. This doesn't mean I won't watch what I eat, or get exercise, but any kind of regimen that involves me paying attention to what I'm doing - it's the kiss of death. I start feeling deprived and then follow it up with feeling a need to reward myself with doing no exercise/eating badly. Vicious cycle. I have to find the balance between being a complete sloth and being hypervigilant. So far - I'd call it a six out of ten.

  4. @Cyndi:
    See?! I told you I was distracted!

    I promised you all that I'd give a weekly update -- I didn't promise I wouldn't complain! Besides, why have my own blog if I can't complain once in a while?! :)

    I know what you mean. I did the diet thing in 2006 -- couldn't stick to it. I became all weird and obsessive compulsive.
    My main focus now is exercise and working out. I just avoid eating junk and crap, and let the exercise do its work. :)

  5. lol! OK. I suppose that's really why I started my own too: so I could stop - ahem - reduce the frequency of registering my complaints on yours! ;-)

    The couch jumping thing was a Tom Cruise ref. Reading back it doesn't seem to make much sense (Hey, it was 7:30. I make even less sense than usual at 7:30...)

  6. Maintenance is definitely better, keep up the good work the best you can! I find that I can hold onto my weight really bad that time of the month too, but then I'll lose a pound or two overnight right after, so it all kinda evens out over time as a steady loss. I'm on week 3 or so too and doing really well. I'm hoping I can hold off the chocolate when *that* week comes, it's the worst, I crave it so bad!

  7. Once I figured out what the hell you were talking about, I thought to myself, hey, maybe she doesn't know about getting a hat and holding on to it yet!