week 2: pain for a pound

Yeah, week 2 ended last Sunday, and it's now Thursday. I blame my dishwasher giddiness, sore muscles, and Dora shovels. I'll get my reports out on Mondays from now on. Promise.

Workouts: 4min. tabata and 15min. intervals (alternating days)

I stopped doing hula -- I was BORED! Probably because I'm a hula instructor and crave something different -- and just replaced it with 30s/30s intervals (jumping jacks, burpees, stairs, etc). I'll go back to hula eventually. Maybe.

But really, the week has been punctuated with the PAIN OF SORE MUSCLES! Advil, take me away! But it's all okay -- it's good pain, productive pain. Well, if you get technical, it's actually destructive then constructive pain. Okay, ahem, anyway...

Egg whites, fruits/veggies, and post-workout protein shakes. Having a dishwasher to deal with the blender makes this all so much easier.

But even with all of this -- and the sore muscles -- I lost only 1 pound this week.
Meh. That's okay. Add that to the 2 pounds I lost during week 1, and I'm happy.

Total Pounds Lost: 3


  1. I recently switched from regular milk to organic soy milk. It's actually vanilla.

    I'm quite surprised that I liked it and am curious to see if it makes a difference in my weight :-)

  2. @Kari:
    I hope it only brings you good things. I LOVE soymilk. I don't think I'll ever go back.
    I tried it once, and I really tasted cow! Ugh.

  3. I usually use rice milk rather than soy. Unless it's in coffee. Rice milk in coffee is nasty.

    But I know what you mean about cow milk. I couldn't drink a glass of it now. bleck.

  4. Nenette, congratulations on the progress! Progress is progress!

    But what's this about hula being boring? After running your own hula school and indoctrinating impressionable minds in the cult of the cocoanut bra and grass skirt, you say it's boring? Aren't you afraid the Hula Mafia is going to come and silence you?

    I know, I know, there is no such thing as the Hula Mafia! That's what Paula Poundstone said, but you haven't seen her lately, have you?

    Maybe it would be less boring if you were to hula topless like in the old days.

    That picture cracks me up. Admit it, you laughed too.

    Here's a question --- what's the calorie count of the soy milk versus that of 2%? We went through a lot of soy milk when we had a milk allergy in the house, and I drank it for a while but I was drinking the vanilla flavoured one, and it may have been low in fat but it wasn't low in calories.

  5. Congratulations Nen. Remember that while weight-loss is the goal, progress won't all be reflected in the number when you're exercising well. I guess then I should say "fat-loss" is the goal! :-)

    Max drinks soy milk on its own. I got him on to it when I bought a smoothie & they used it. Then he got it for smoothies (and read the label and got excited). Then he started drinking it. I still can't (and I don't like vanilla which he gets). That said, I don't really drink milk either.

    I have to say that whilst nursing it occurred to me: "why is it so abhorrent to accidently drink human milk in the fridge (a la 'Friends') yet a big, gross slobbering animal is OK? And pig-milk or dog-milk (or rat 'Malk' - Simpsons!) would be just as 'bad' as human milk." Sorry. It is possible that I have ranted about this before.

    @Albert - yes, that photo cracked ME up. But more in the "you're such a crack-pot" kind of way! ;-)

  6. @myrtle:
    how's the protein content in rice milk? I used to drink Rice Dream, and I'm not sure why I stopped.

    thanks! and yes, the picture cracked me up... Davey thought it was amusing too. ;)
    the soymilk I like is the unsweetened Silk which is about 80Calories per 250ml... the regular Silk (not vanilla) is about 100Cal.

    yeah, yeah, I know about the whole fat-loss/lean-muscle-growth/weight spiel, so don't worry. :)
    I'm just sticking to reporting what I see on the scale until I get a good set of calipers or see a loss of more than an inch off my waist.

    I try to make sure I get at least a cup of soy milk, straight or in protein shake form every day.
    The Vanilla is too sweet for me... Oh, and Silk is truly the best.

    Mini and I are soy milk drinkers... Roomie and Lam are the die-hard cow milk drinkers... oh well. :)

  7. I've been using Yu rice milk for a while. Protein is 3g per 250ml. I have no idea if that's good or bad.
    130 calories.

    @harmzie - Yeah, I've gone on that same rant...