not a meme for the weekend. really, it's not. sorta.

don't say I don't watch out for my peeps... yeah, you guys

potluck, pals, and pillow fights

recipe: oven-baked chicken wings

but we all know what Nenette *really* needs...

week 6: A 'plan'? "I don't even have a 'pl'!"*

what's mine is mine and what's mine is their's too

47 MORE THINGS you need to know before you decide to continue being my friend

nothing says 'I love you' like men in fig leaf underpants

mini-me strikes again

about my first because she's having her second

week 5: sometimes numbers aggravate me

random things about my girlie-girl...

it's totally sweeping the nation

haven in the long cold winter and dental sedation -- of course...

stuff I thought you knew about me but actually didn't

week 4: another one bites the dust