don't say I don't watch out for my peeps... yeah, you guys

I have been picking up a fresh pineapple every time I do a grocery run. We LUV 'em!

I cut up the pineapple into bite-sized pieces and have them available in the fridge for, you know, whatever.

We've sampled pineapple from all over the world -- not by actually traveling to other places all over the world. (However we did visit a pineapple plantation when we lived in Hawai'i.) We do all of our worldly tropical fruit shopping at Sobey's and Safeway. (My MIL always pronounces it "Safeways", and I seriously almost spelled it with the 's'.)

Anyway, of the small number we've sampled, Roomie and I agree that the ones from Hawai'i are the sweetest and tastiest. Totally unbiased opinion. (Lordy, I still miss Hawai'i.)

However, there's something you need to know: No matter from where your pineapple originates, you must inspect them before you buy them. Seriously. You just never know what kind of exotic fauna you'll unwittingly introduce into your home.

Look at what we took home last week...

Buyer beware!

PS - The pineapple was from Hawai'i, and may have picked up the spider passing through Puerto de Pipe-Cleaner. Just saying.


  1. Crazy! Thanks for the warning...

  2. Apparently, the pluralization (I think it's actually meant to be the possessive - Safeway's) is apparently a "thing" we do here. T'was pointed out to me by some Jamaican rum sales guys, back when I used to work at a hotel.

  3. @Harmzie:
    hope it helps! i believe your home (like mine) is particularly vulnerable...

    mmm... Jamaican rum... the best for rumballs... :)
    Thanks for the correction... I was unsure of spelling. It always makes me smile to hear it pronounced 'our' way. I rarely encounter it. Nice to know it's a local thing.

  4. OH NO! That's the super rare and highly invasion Pipe-llion Spider. You're gonna be responsible for a Canadian invasion.


  5. @Jami:
    Really?! Oh, man, we are so screwed!