nothing says 'I love you' like men in fig leaf underpants

I don't think you could call Roomie's and my courtship conventional. He didn't woo me. Oh, he'd "WOO!!!" at me a lot, but flowers and poems? Nope. And that's just peachy with me.

Valentine's Day has never meant anything significant to us. (Are we weird? I don't know. We're weird, aren't we?... sigh... anyway...)

What has meant more are the things that we've shared in the almost-17 years since the night we declared each other boyfriend-girlfriend, I attacked him from across the car in my parents driveway, and he stopped kissing me long enough to kick me out of his Volare. What a prude, eh?!

Anyway, Roomie was smart enough to realize that the way to my heart was to make me laugh -- oh, and to be a brilliant scientist-guy, of course.

After all these years together, we have the code words, inside jokes, and special familiarity where just one word will send us into fits of hysteria, driving our kids to look at us like we've gone nuts... again and again and again...

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Roomie said one word* that took me WAY BACK to the day he called me into the bedroom and showed me the following. And I knew I was his, hook-line-and-sinker. Check it out...

* - YATTA!!!

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  1. OMG that is way to funny! YATTA YATTA YATTA YATTA! Girl you've left a permanent impression in my mind. Ha ha! Happy Valentine's Day!