mini-me strikes again

Mini-Me is essentially me without The Filter.

What's The Filter?

It's the thing that tells us to think before we act -- you know, the thing that on occasion saves adults from being arrested or institutionalized.
Let's face it, filter-free kids are cute and fun. Filter-free adults? Potentially weird and creepy.

Anyway, my care-free, filter-free daughter often just does and says whatever pops into her cute little brain. She also has a tendency to pull up her shirt and giggle -- in the privacy of our home, thank heavens, but still!

Yesterday, the kids were sitting, chatting, and giggling in the diningroom. From my perch in the kitchen, I overheard...

Mini: "Hey, Lam, look at my GIANT NIPPLE!"

Rushing over, I saw...

I laughed until my gut hurt.

Many thanks to Mini for recreating the moment so her proud Mama could capture her daughter's filter-free-ness and share it with the world. I love you, funny girl! :)


  1. lol. this made me laughed. your daughter is a cutie ha

  2. Doesn't it just make ya want to keep her filter free as long as you can?

  3. In the immortal words of Jake, another person who apparently had no filter that forced him to think before speaking...

    "Like mother, like daughter!"

    I mean, where else would Mini-You have learned this? Admit it, you're yelling this out every day at the laundromat, in the schoolyard, etc., aren't you? :-)

    They grow up so quickly, don't they?