recipe: oven-baked chicken wings

When she was scanning through the pictures on our camera, Mini found this one and exclaimed, "Chickens?! Mommy takes pictures of silly chickens."

I explained to her that I took it so I could share a chicken recipe on my blog. She maintained that the chickens -- and now Mommy too -- were still silly.

Anyway. If you are what you eat, my son would be one huge chicken -- with some pasta, rice, and an apple here and there.
Before you get all judgy-judge judgester on me, I've done everything with the exception of shoving vegetables down my son's gullet to get him to eat green stuff. But he won't -- for now. He plans to eat them when he's in Grade 2. I think I actually got it in writing somewhere.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, silly chickens.

Because it's about the only thing my kid will eat, I prefer to make my own healthier chicken wings/nuggets. But I couldn't find a simple oven recipe online. REALLY. Very disappointing. So, I came up with one myself. Here you are, Internets -- enjoy!


15-20 chicken drummettes/wings (need not be of the silly chicken variety)
4 egg whites
4 tablespoons flour (wheat or rice)
1 tablespoon ground pepper/spices (you can get creative with this)
olive oil in a spray bottle
a bar of dark chocolate


Preheat oven to 385F.

- Mix flour and spices in one bowl. In another bowl, lightly beat the egg whites.
- Spray cookie sheet with olive oil.
- Put all chicken pieces in the egg whites, and schmoosh around until all pieces are coated.
- One by one, take a piece of chicken, and dip into flour/spice mixture to LIGHTLY coat it. Shake off any excess and put it on the cookie sheet, making sure the pieces don't touch.
- Once all pieces are on the sheet, you may add one very light spray of olive oil over all. The chicken police won't come after you if you don't, so don't stress about this step.
- The chocolate? It's just nice to nibble on some chocolate while you cook.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

The end. Oh, wait -- dip in whatever. Ranch dressing's good. Now, the end.


  1. Oooh. It's so easy, I gotta try this! haha. chocolate nibble.

  2. @roberutsu:
    the chocolate is the secret, essential ingredient. :)

  3. olive oil in a spray bottle = pure genius.. I never would've thought about that =)

  4. Screw the chicken wings (are those really wings in your photo? Maybe it's the perspective but they look like drumsticks to me!), wings are just a substrate for any insanely hot sauce and there's no reason to even look at them if they are not doused in insanely hot sauce. And of course, no kid wants insanely hot sauce.

    As a curious waiter once asked me in Guangzhou... "In Canada, do you eat only the meat from the chicken, or do you eat the wings too?".

    Where the hell's a recipe for chicken with banana sauce? I mean, I can google for it, but all that shows up are Caribbean recipes. I think. Maybe it shows up using a word I don't know...

    And in case you haven't seen them, you can get spray bottles that you pump up to pressurize, so when you spray the oil it's a finer aerosol. A lot like "the morning mist" that was so popular a few years back.

  5. Chocolate? Here's a once in a lifetime opportunity to go big with the chocolate, all the equipment from a closed Hershey's Chocolate factory is up for auction today.

    Get your own equipment and make all the nut-free chocolate you want, 30,000 pounds per eight-hour shift!