but we all know what Nenette *really* needs...

You're probably tired of all these. Yes, so am I. So, this will be my last Facebook meme.

Actually, before this one, I thought I was done. Tapos. Finito. Over and out.
But then Sara sent this to me, and I had to do it. Why? Because I was curious, and I didn't have to do any thinking -- okay, *mainly* because I didn't have to do any thinking.

Here's what I was told to do: Google “[your first name] needs” and share 10 results.

Unfortunately, "Nenette needs" turned up NOTHING!!!

They suggested "Nanette needs", so I decided to go for it because it's pretty funny...

Nanette needs...

1. to come back and bitch slap her with a REAL truthful and honest post.

2. more caffeine!

3. to start pimpin you out to some of the Jackson Hole women! [wtf?]

4. the money so she can back her crooked, scheming, 'fiance' Larry broadway show, in which she is to play the leading part.

5. no help.

6. to bite some chumps.

7. some licks.

8. some pillow case lovin' eh?

9. a huge "THANKS" for picking up me up at the airport.

And my fave...

10. to travel Across America Kicking Dumb boys in their Junk.

Why are so many of these so angry and perverted? Go and do this and see if yours is too.


  1. Now the world will *know* what Nenette needs... (as opposed to nanette) The important part of the world already did :-)

    I did something similar about a year or so back with "--harmzie--is", to find some things to enter for my status updates on facebook (funny you should mention FB!)

    The results were alarming. Alarmingly Hilarious!! Said results have changed dramatically since the First Lady shares my moniker. I wasn't going to go into THAT one tonight, but my favourite as of late is too good to pass up!!!: "--Harmzie-- is about to spit venom at a deserving liberal." I can't make this stuff up!!

    If I remember when I sober up, I'll do the real one and report back...

  2. ... oh, and "Larry"? Just creepy...

  3. I have this one too. My fellow w@w sisters tagged me. It was fun and LMAO!