look back, then forward.

There's nothing like a health alert and a crazy-whacked-out camping trip to hit you on the head and scream at you to "wake up, you crazy bitch!" bring you clarity, perspective, and understanding about the things in your life.

One thing that came crystal clear to me was: I miss blogging.

Not this occasional, "hey, we did x today" stuff. I mean the real crap. You know, the sharing of thoughts, interests, and things we do that make life so sweet that your teeth fall out and you'll need dentures, but because my awesome blog posts have given you a new sense of adventure, you get dentures that are all blingy and shiny, like Flavour Flav's (I swear he's haunting me -- and can someone please stop me from Canadianizing his name!).

Anyway, I'm now getting back on track -- with a whopping 3 post per week!!! -- but geez, I'm rusty! So, what do I do? I look back on my archives. For inspiration. For ideas. For reassurance that I truly am an entertaining blogger and that my life is cool enough to write about.

So, you can imaging my glee when I found that Darren at Problogger recently challenged his readers to link to 7 blog posts that fit 7 different themes. Whoa! A dare with built-in blog archive surfing!!!

Anyway, here's me, looking back at my writing, revisiting, and getting inspired...
  1. Your first post – What an appropriate title: A Good Place to Start. You can totally see that this blog started as a healthy-living blog. If you didn't know that fact, you'd wonder what the hell the point of the post was. At least I would.
  2. A post you enjoyed writing the mostMy F*ck It List was my favourite one to write. I was totally in the burnt-out, "I'm so sick of all this crap" frame of mind. Cathartic post. Totally. Stopped me from getting hammered and running thought the neighbourhood naked and screaming profanities at fire hydrants.
  3. A post which had a great discussion – Oh, god, the Freebie 5 lists, hands down! Please -- everyone, even me!, seems to have an opinion on Brad Pitt's shapely ass, or the like.
  4. A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written – I haven't done any open letters to anyone here just yet, but when I do, I'd want it to be as funny as this one by Jenny. Good heavens, this woman could make me laugh so hard, I almost pee. I hope that one day my writing will make my readers pee.
  5. A post with a title that you are proud of – I thought *for my leg is hollow, and I have eaten pie* was so clever. It was my take on the Star Trek episode called "For the World is Hollow, and I have Touched the Sky". The post had nothing to do with the episode, or anything Star Trek for that matter. Just my family. Who I often suspect of having been replaced by aliens anyway.
  6. A post that you wish more people had read – The engagement-present post I wrote for my cousin Glo and her now-husband Shaun. It captured how fun-loving this crazy couple is. And everything I wrote? All totally true. I'm such a liar.
  7. Your most visited post ever8 Skills Every Woman Should Master had mixed reviews. I suspect most of the negative nellies had no concept of "tongue in cheek" -- I suspect they had their tongues in other cheeks places.
So, how about you bloggers out there? What are your Super 7?


  1. Thanks for the visual imagery of you screaming naked at a fire hydrant! I'll keep that one for when I need a giggle.

    Also, I enjoyed all those posts as well :-)

  2. This one makes me happy because WELCOME BACK NEN!!! But it makes me sad because when I think about my Super 7, so many of them tie back to my former blog/life...I don't know - do those still count? That said, starting fresh with Chez Rougie was the right thing to do. Give me another few months and I'll have my Super 7!