pimp my wardrobe: jean coat.

My husband calls it my "country matrix" coat, which is better than what I initially called it. (Hint: the first word of this post's title.) Really, with its wide lapels, this bad boy's screaming to be paired up with a feathered hat, large sunglasses, and enough bling to make Flavor Flav weep.

Seriously, though, despite being on the plain side, I love this coat. It cost me just $3.96 at Goodwill, and look at it! Oh, the potential! But sadly, if left to my own devices, I'd ruin it with my "creativity". I tend to be heavy-handed when it comes to fringe! Mmmm... fringe...

So, I'm asking you, my lovelies, what should I do? How should I improve it and make it ab-fab without looking like I should expect Isaac Hayes to jump out of the bushes and start singing the theme to Shaft when I wear it?

Which would be really creepy, because I think Isaac Hayes is dead.


  1. Isaac Hayes is dead!?!

  2. Hmmm... maybe use some faux fur to cover the collar like on this site:


    and then cinch the waist line in or use a belt to cinch in it?

    i like the length of the coat - just don't bedazzle it. LOL!

    and sadly yes Issac Haynes is dead - 3 years a week from Tuesday.

  3. sorry HAYES - i can't spell tonight. :P

    (and why am I having trouble trying to post a comment using firefox? - using IE to post this)

  4. I don't understand why you have to do anything with it. Get an ab-fab scarf, and use it as a "transition" jacket in early fall.

    Or Bedazzle it. Either way.

  5. Get some of those little metal studs and
    spell out Anvil! on the back.

    And use a black Magic Marker to put "AC/DC"
    down the sleeves, with a little lightning
    bolt in place of the slash.

    Otherwise, you'll just look like a farmer hobo.


    02 August, 2010

  6. I'd applique a ton of big, colourful flowers on it. Flower Power hippie coat - yes! Or if you were looking for some level of taste and decorum, then I'd applique only a few flowers spilling down one side of the jacket. That would be more ... um... appropriate I guess. :)

  7. Shorten it? Take it in to make "boob" accentuating areas? not holes... no like darts yeah that's it darts.

  8. Nothing to add here accept to agree with the belting idea.
    After all, your other readers seem to have covered all over bases. You have funny readers. Funny in a good way.

  9. Shall we swap.I like this country matrix coat .i have a coat which my hubby call west coast but i love my stuff i could hardly throw away.I think it's nice to add a belt.