jaunt 'round the blogosphere: other blogs' blogrolls

Perhaps I'm just procrastinating, but I've had this urge to check out blogrolls lately. So, I went to all of my "Daily Treats" blogs on my blogroll, then checked out the blogs on their blogrolls. Oh, the loveliness! Now, here's me sharing all the loveliness...

.: My plan: To have a house that looks like Nikole's. I love the all-white walls!

.: I'm going to make my hair look like I've been swimming at the beach all day... everyday.

.: Another reason to love mid-century modern and Don Draper. If the desk is a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'. Hehe.

.: Beauty in the simplest things. (My artist cousin's blog.)

.: Primal BLT in a Bowl. Yummah.

.: I'd MUCH rather vacay here than go camping!

.: As much as I love white walls, this all-black bedroom is making me yearn. YEARN, people!

.: How I've been eating. LOVE this. Feeling great. Clothes getting looser.

.: Do you?

.: Having a hard time staying optimistic? Here's help.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Thanks for the link love babe! Your shirt will go in the mail by Monday!! (still fighting the plague over here)

  2. I gotta try the beach hair thing too.

    Although I don't follow primal eating, that blt looks delicious! As does the Chicken and cabbage stir fry on the same site...