"I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings."

Thoughts that would only get lost in the din of Twitter but don't have the legs to stand in blog post form...
  • I'm still pissed that they canceled Farscape, Odyssey 5, Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, and Defying Gravity. Especially Defying Gravity.
  • I plan to wear dresses more often this summer. Sadly, that won't happen if I don't buy more dresses.
  • Tried bison for the first time a few days back -- in meatball form, see?

  • Why won't Lindsay Lohan just stay home for a change?!!! (I'm watching Access Hollywood at the mo.)
  • Yes, I'm drinking coffee again. Oh, keep your panties on -- it's decaf. And I'm still in love with green tea.
  • Going through sugar-withdrawal is a bitch. My head feels very explode-y. But I think it's almost over, and so far, I've lost 5 pounds.
  • I've lost 5 pounds. Just thought I'd say it again because it's so awesome.
  • I'm overjoyed that I taped the Madonna episode of Glee. Yes, *taped*. No PVR for me. I'm rockin' it old skool!
  • I still haven't learned to never, NEVER weight myself when I have my period. Sometimes, I'm just not that bright. The fact that Lindsay Lohan's comings-and-goings somewhat interest me should prove that.
  • I washed that red right out of my hair. Oh, and the white too.
  • I'm chuffed that Brian Boitano has a cooking show on Food Network and that it's called "What would Brian Boitano make?"... the title of which is evidently an homage to the song written for him by DVDA.
  • Roomie is pissed that, almost every time he tunes into the Discovery Channel, he gets the show about King Crab fishermen.
  • People just don't wear lockets these days, so I bought myself a pretty new necklace...

    ... that's also a locket...

easy (& sometimes outrageous!) being green.

Happy Earth Day!!!

Remember way back in 2008, when I put into practice a bunch of new green activities?
Yeah, I...

1. stopped using plastic water bottles... and now use a KleenKanteen.
2. switched to natural bath products.
3. donate instead of just loading up the landfill, while decluttering.
4. shop organic.
5. stopped using dryer sheets.
6. became vegetarian. (I am now NOT vegetarian anymore. Defeated by bacon.)
7. made better choices in beauty products... because cosmetics are food!

... and finally, the one that got the most "What the hell are you doing, Nenette?!"...

8. I dumped the shampoo and conditioner all together for the earth- and body-friendly baking soda and apple cider vinegar!

It worked really well. See?

Sadly, I had to stop doing it when winter rolled around. My hair just became straw-like in the Winnipeg dry winter.

But I've decided to do it again this summer!
You want to do it with me? You know you do.

"So, Nenette, is that ALL you do to be green?" Of course not, silly!

Here's the rest of my green list...

1. Use a programmable thermostat to automatically turn down the heat at night.
2. Compost.
3. Made all my bills electronically.
4. Don't smoke.
5. Use wind-up flashlights and radios.
6. Enforce a shoes-off-at-the-door policy.
7. Use cold water for laundry.
8. Use a natural laundry detergent.
9. Use towels at least 5 times before changing them.
10. Recycle everything that can be recycled.
11. Use reusable bags instead of plastic grocery bags.
12. Use CFLs wherever possible.
13. Growing indoor plants.
14. Buy organic and/or locally-grown foods whenever I can.
15. Use Norwex cleaning cloths and water for everyday cleaning (diluted dishwashing liquid for heavier dirt).
16. Properly dispose of my used batteries at a local hazard waste depot.
17. "If it's yellow, let it mellow..."
18. Pick up litter when I spot it.
19. Continue to reuse our ugly fake Christmas Tree and reuse our favourite ornaments, instead of buying new Christmas decorations.
20. Have occasional "inside days" when we don't go out and spend money.
21. Participate in Earth Hour every year.
22. Own one vehicle for family use.
23. Live centrally where every convenience is in walking distance.
24. have a lawn-less front yard.
25. Use 100% recycled paper products (toilet paper, paper towel, etc.).

So, what's on YOUR green list?

"it's like being in a swamp; you gotta get out of that place..."

When describing ways to solve circuits, my Electronic's professor would often waver between bizarre "what's he talking about?" statements like our title and other more-offensive analogies, like the infamous '2 diodes in cascade' as "you do the mother, you do the daughter -- it's the same damn thing". Yeah. Ass.

Anyway, a "swamp" really is the perfect description of what I've been through the past year.

So, about 3 weeks ago, I implemented my "Get Out of Swamp" plan. And what a difference it's made. Seriously. I've been feeling so much better.

Before I tell you what I've been up to, here's where I tell you why you shouldn't do it too:
Much of what I'm about to describe is a specialized plan for ME. Not for you. If you're getting the bright idea of "hey, I'll do exactly what Nenette's doing", you need to know that I've done a lot of research and have consulted professionals about my health. Anyway, please read it -- but don't do it (unless, you know, you've talked to your own health care pro)... and ...disclaimer done.

Okay, this is what I've been doing...

(1) I've decided to stop juggling so many balls. Wow, that sounds perverted. But it's true. I shouldn't be taking on so many projects. Online, at home, and at my kids' school. In fact, I've been dumping some... like when I took my name out of the running for parent council vice-chair at my kids' school. Which, believe it or not, was really hard for me to do... especially since I didn't throw my name in in the first place.

(2) Since most of my sources of stress are the home projects, I'm spending at least a couple of afternoons away from home to write at Starbucks or somewhere else, and NOT thinking about all the crap waiting for me when I return. You know, clear my head. Remind myself that there's more to my life than being the Queen of Unfinished Nonsense.

(3) I'm also trying to do one project at a time. So many times, I've looked at my TO-DO list and thought, "You've held me back long enough. I'm going to clown college." Nothing gets done. Now, I choose a project (like the VHS tape review, which is finally done BTW!), and let the others fade into the background until the current task is done. I think I've crossed more stuff off my list these 3 weeks than I have in the past 3 months.

(4) To help my body (and adrenals) cope with the stress, I've been taking an adaptogen (Ashwaganda) and 5-HTP. I haven't felt as stabby or had the urge to go bitchcakes on Roomie or my annoying neighbour or the dog that tries to poop on my garden or the Hydro guy or the door-to-door sales dude or...

(5) Stress has done a number on my immune system. My being sick almost every other week since September -- and getting some "weird neck thingie" that I TMI'd on Facebook -- have been proof of that. For a much-needed immunity boost, I've started taking probiotics again and increased my vitamin D. The Vit D has made the biggest difference because having dark skin and being a hermit the entire winter made me D-deficient.

(6) Before kids, I was diagnosed with insulin resistance, a condition that led to gestational diabetes during my 1st pregnancy. I managed to control it during the latter part of that pregnancy, postpartum, and through my 2nd pregnancy with a strict low-carb/insulin resistance diet. Then, I fell off the wagon in 2007, felt rotten almost every day, and gained 25 pounds. Good news: I've since hopped back on the insulin-resistance diet train, feel less "foggy brained", and have already lost 4 pounds.

(7) I'm doing calming, relaxing activities like knitting. This is my daughter's blanket...

(8) I've added walking to my exercise regimen. Outside in the sunlight and fresh air. 30 minutes or more. Very calming.

And that's what I've been up to. So far, so good. Gotta say, though, that it's been a bitch trying to eradicate my deeply ingrained bad habits with these yummier ones, but I'm trying my best. And that's really what matters.

Anyway, of course, I'll be keeping you all posted.


When Roomie came home today muttering about "idiots galore" on the bus, I realized it was that time of year again!

And you know what that means?!... Cue Craigie!... heeheehee...

the queen of procrastination

Yes, those are blogger windows behind that Freecell game.

I hang my head in shame. Shame.

ps - I'm working on something right now. I promise.

the wall - part 2: "hands on the wheel! hands on the wheel!"

I'm sick. Have been since Friday. Sore throat, fever, sinus congestion, etc. etc. etc. I've had very little energy to do anything more than watch tv, maybe knit a bit of Mini's blanket, moan, surf for pretty things online, and -- when I have the rare burst -- cranky tweet.

But mostly, I've also had a chance to think. Many thoughts. Mainly, that I'm not a complete idiot.

Really. When making decisions, I do my research and use logic when needed. I know not to give in when I get the sudden, inexplicable urge to pour my glass of iced green tea all over Roomie's head. I know that I should never wear mom jeans. And thanks to 40 years of life experience and encouragement from Roomie to trust my instincts, I've improved my ability to recognize then ignore bullshit of most kinds. All in all, I am smart.

Bu if this is all true... why did I buy into the bullshit in my brain?

You know, the little stress-causing voice in my head that...
  • said my being a SAHM and the family go-to person isn't important enough.
  • demanded I should make more of a contribution to the family because I'm the lucky one who gets to stay home.
  • declared that my blogging successes are nothing more than fluke.
  • my being overwhelmed by unfinished house projects (for example, decluttering) is a sign of my personal weakness, laziness, inadequacy, etc.
  • etc.
And to add horror to insult, the voice of bullshit sounded suspiciously like my mother's. Ew.

And I believed it. All of it. For a very long time.

Then something changed, and I finally woke up. And throughout the next few days, I got signs reinforcing the fact that I was headed in the right direction, among them a dear friend telling me to stop selling myself short.

Now, I'm doing some exciting things, making improvements, changing my thought patterns and habits, getting on top of the stress, and make myself happy in an effort to take control of my life, get myself back on track and as far away from the wall as possible.

I can't wait to tell you all what I've been up to!

And I will after I get over this miserable cold. Please send good healthy thoughts. And soup.

lusting: frilly shower skirts.

Isn't this the cutest?! It's a shower curtain from Anthropologie. It's like a giant skirt!!! I'd love to have something like this for my new bathroom. ($138)

It also comes in my favourite colour (burgundy). See?

(via design is mine.)