MEM: The Great Home Purge of 2008

Image: "Power Poufs!" by decor8

I mentioned a while back that my sister-in-law and her husband are staying with us for a week. Well, they've confirmed that they'll be here on May 8th, giving me 2.5 weeks to get this place decluttered and in tip-top shape for guests.

They'll be staying in the kids' toy room, so we have to move some old toys out and move the futon from the family room there. One of the couches from the living room will go into the family room where the futon was, leaving room for shelves to be moved around in the living room. And yes, it's as complicated as it sounds!

Add to that the fact that we still have Roomie's old stuff from his Mom's house as well as boxes of unknown content strewn about that were rescued from last summer's water heater crash-and-burn in the basement.

Writing it all out now makes me just want to pitch all our stuff in the nearest BFI dumpster. But that's just not earth-friendly now, is it?!

So, for the next two weeks (actually, I started last week already!), the My Earth Monday assignment is to declutter responsibly, with as little as possible going into the landfill. I'll be recycling, reducing, and re-purposing. Here's how:

- old toys: non-cloth toys go to the Children's Hospital, stuffies go to Goodwill.
- kids' clothes: to friends with small kids, the consignment shop, and Goodwill.
- adult clothes: to Goodwill.
- kids' furniture: to consignment shop.
- everything else: to Goodwill.

If you can suggest any other place where this stuff is much more needed, please let me know!

When all is said and done, I'll be monitoring what comes into this house much more carefully to avoid any new clutter catastrophes!

It takes a lot more work than the easy grab-and-dump I was tempted to do, but isn't our Earth worth it?
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