It's All About You!

Image: "Dave Wants You" by Chris Owens

Today's post is all about you! For this week's 52WoC task, I want to know about YOU, my dear readers, the clever folk who come and read my pearls of wisdom. :)

So, please tell me...

1: Who are you? What do you like to be called? (Feel free to be creative with that second question.)

2: Where are you from? Which country do you live in?

3: What is your favourite colour?

4: What is your favourite song?

5: How did you find my blog?

Bonus Question: Do you have a blog? If so, please let us know the url, and we'll come visit!

Please give us your answers in the comments. Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. hi! i'm known to the online world as sushi. seriously, if i had the choice when i was born, i would've name me such hehe!

    i'm from ParaƱaque, Philippines.

    my all time favorite color is pink. from shoes to bags to shirts to lipglosses and toenails, i love love pink!

    since it's tough to choose one fave song of all time, imma say what my current fave song is instead and that is Someday by John Legend which i first heard in the movie August Rush.

    got your blog from Shai's and i've been a frequent reader for almost a month now :)

    feel free to drop by my blog.


  2. 1. "Who am I" The burning question I've been asking all my life. The best answer so far? I am Harmzie.

    2. I am from Canada. I am neither bragging, nor complaining (well, leaning *slightly* toward bragging!)

    3. My favourite colour has always been blue, however there are some really hideous shades of blue (that seem to be popular for some reason), so it has to be a specific blue. I am also partial to my own personal "fad" colours. Right now (and for quite a while) it is chocolate brown.

    4. My favourite song is "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel. However almost anything my Maroon 5 makes me weak in the knees. That might be for different reasons though.

    5. You hinted & cajoled & nagged - & finally outright commanded - until I checked it out. True to my subconscious fears, it has drawn me in and I seem to spend a lot of time here!

    Bonus answer: I have enough trouble with other people's blogs. If I fear entering yours, that fear is 10x for trying to support my own.

    P.S. That "valkeri" (sp?) picture in your rotation is my favourite. I can even get over the fuzzy navel.

  3. 1. I'm Su Li, but most people now call me Su. I find it's easier for most people to remember. I would like to be called babe, hottie, sexy, but unfortunately, only my husband ever calls me babe. Or my kids when they are mimicking him... which is wrong.

    2. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I now live in Ottawa, Canada.

    3. Red. And then yellow,brown,orange... and all the other earth tones. But yeah, red.

    4."De cara a la pared" by Lhasa de Sela. Although, I guess I should really understand what she's singing about, shouldn't I??

    5. I don't really know....? But I've been reading your other fam blog for a long time now, so prob through that site. I do have you on my google reader now, so I don't often miss anything you write.

    Bonus: no, nothing I can be proud of. I love reading. I have a block when it comes to writing. But I do so enjoy your writing.

  4. 1. I am Albert Bannatyne, named for the intersection where my parents found me in a shoebox all those years ago, outside the Cinematheque. And I suspect I'm the only male who visits this site who is not a relative of the creator! :-)

    2. You can take the boy out of the prairies but you can't take the prairies out of the boy...

    3. I need more info before I can answer that question. The choice of best colour depends on context.

    5. I really like Solsbury Hill too. But I could go with Spirit of Radio or even Follow You, Follow Me. And Joel Plaskett's "Nowhere With You" really kicks... but on a nice sunny day that's hinting at the start of summer, you can't go wrong with "Walking on Sunshine"...

    5. I think you told me about this blog. Either that, or maybe I got to it from a link at Burton McKenzie's math blog.

    Bonus answer: I have no blog and no time and I fear what would happen if I tried to share my opinions with an unprepared world. Under an alias I do maintain numerous (OK, 3 and a half) WWW sites that are low-maintenance in terms of updates but medium-maintenance in terms of correspondence.

  5. Hi, Nenette. Thanks again for taking part in this project. Enjoyed getting to know your readers too. Happy to see a 52WoCer or two as well. :-)

    Since you know me, I'm posting this for those who don't...

    1: Who are you? Shai Coggins.

    2: Where are you from? Which country do you live in? Adelaide, Australia. Originally from Manila.

    3: What is your favourite colour? Purple. Pink. Blue.

    4: What is your favourite song? Too many, really. No one absolute favourite that I can think of. At least, not at the moment.

    5: How did you find my blog? Through your participation on my blog. :-)

    Bonus Question: Do you have a blog?
    Yep -

    Thanks again!

  6. 1: I'm Nicola. AKA Nicki (if you're family or family friend) or Nic (if you're either lazy or have a habit of shortening names, it also started at about the time of text msging, not sure if there's a connection there or not). I also go by the online alias evilangel277, however I'm pretty over that now and need to come up with a new identity. Preferably one that isn't taken and so needs numbers attached! Ideas gratefully received ;)

    2: I'm from New Zealand, born and bred. In fact, I have never left this country, not even once, have never had a passport. There is a completed application in a drawer at work though, my goal for this year is to get a passport and a stamp, even if it's just a quick touristy 5 nighter in Fiji or Rarotonga!

    3: My favourite colour is definitely pink. Purple and yellow tie in second place.

    4: My taste in music changes every week, I don't have a steadfast favourite, however Ben Harper remains my all time number one love as an artist, and I will play 'Forever' when (if!) I walk down the aisle.

    5: Linked through from Shai I think! So many new blogs in my feeder lately, mostly these are new friends met through 52WoC.

    Bonus Question:

    :-) Thanks Nenette, this has been fun!

  7. Great hearing from you all, and thank you all for participating!

    @harmzie - I'm really happy to have you reading and commenting here... very warm and fuzzy. :) yeah, that valkyrie pic is my fav too... glad you like it... I believe mr.harmzie may have been the one holding the camera...

    @albert - pfft, as if my male relatives want to know the filth going on in my brain!

    @nicola - thanks for visiting!!! :) yeah, thanks to Shai, I've got a ton of new feeds in my reader too. New Zealand is SO beautiful!... I am quite envious. :)

  8. Hi Nenette!

    1: Who are you? What do you like to be called? I'm Toni but you can call me She Who Can Be Bought With A Mango Jubilee Gelato.

    2: Where are you from? Which country do you live in?I'm from Manila. Live there too.

    3: What is your favourite colour?? Light green.

    4: What is your favourite song? Right now, it's "Falling in love at a coffee shop" by Landon Pigg.

    5: How did you find my blog? Shai's 52WoC project!

    Bonus Question: Do you have a blog? Right here! :)

  9. Hi Nenette - this is fun...
    1: Who are you?
    I'm known as La Bellina Mammina among my blogger friends...

    2: Where are you from?
    I was born and bred in Singapore of Javanese origin, apart from the 4 years I lived in Italy.

    3: What is your favourite colour?
    Blue, white and more blue!

    4: What is your favourite song?
    Right now it's Give it to me by Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado (am in the midst of moving house, so need to listen to something upbeat! ;-)

    5: How did you find my blog?
    Mrs Mogul

    My blog? La Bellina Mammina it's private, but email me for authorization if you're interested to read:-)

  10. 1: I'm Jami (waves to everyone!). Named after Jamie Sommers from the Bionic Woman. Yep, I was a child of the 70's. Now you know why my blog is named what it is...

    2: I was born in southern Florida, outside of Miami. It snowed the day I was born (kinda ironic, wouldn't you say?). Now I'm living in Missouri, but not for long.

    3: What is your favourite colour?? Deep maroon. It looks pretty on gray horses. :)

    4: What is your favourite song? Of all time- Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin.

    5: How did you find my blog? When you commented on my blog. Thank godness! So glad we found each other.

    Bonus Question: Do you have a blog? yuppers.

  11. @toni -
    mmm... mango jubilee gelato... sounds so good... i must check it out! :)
    thanks for dropping by... btw, I love your blog!

    @la bellina mammina -
    thanks for dropping by! i love mrs.mogul! I will definitely be in touch to read your blog.

    @jami -
    yes, I am really glad we found each other too! :) Oh, I LOVE Mack the Knife too!.. grew up with that style of music playing in my household all the time.