"it's like being in a swamp; you gotta get out of that place..."

When describing ways to solve circuits, my Electronic's professor would often waver between bizarre "what's he talking about?" statements like our title and other more-offensive analogies, like the infamous '2 diodes in cascade' as "you do the mother, you do the daughter -- it's the same damn thing". Yeah. Ass.

Anyway, a "swamp" really is the perfect description of what I've been through the past year.

So, about 3 weeks ago, I implemented my "Get Out of Swamp" plan. And what a difference it's made. Seriously. I've been feeling so much better.

Before I tell you what I've been up to, here's where I tell you why you shouldn't do it too:
Much of what I'm about to describe is a specialized plan for ME. Not for you. If you're getting the bright idea of "hey, I'll do exactly what Nenette's doing", you need to know that I've done a lot of research and have consulted professionals about my health. Anyway, please read it -- but don't do it (unless, you know, you've talked to your own health care pro)... and ...disclaimer done.

Okay, this is what I've been doing...

(1) I've decided to stop juggling so many balls. Wow, that sounds perverted. But it's true. I shouldn't be taking on so many projects. Online, at home, and at my kids' school. In fact, I've been dumping some... like when I took my name out of the running for parent council vice-chair at my kids' school. Which, believe it or not, was really hard for me to do... especially since I didn't throw my name in in the first place.

(2) Since most of my sources of stress are the home projects, I'm spending at least a couple of afternoons away from home to write at Starbucks or somewhere else, and NOT thinking about all the crap waiting for me when I return. You know, clear my head. Remind myself that there's more to my life than being the Queen of Unfinished Nonsense.

(3) I'm also trying to do one project at a time. So many times, I've looked at my TO-DO list and thought, "You've held me back long enough. I'm going to clown college." Nothing gets done. Now, I choose a project (like the VHS tape review, which is finally done BTW!), and let the others fade into the background until the current task is done. I think I've crossed more stuff off my list these 3 weeks than I have in the past 3 months.

(4) To help my body (and adrenals) cope with the stress, I've been taking an adaptogen (Ashwaganda) and 5-HTP. I haven't felt as stabby or had the urge to go bitchcakes on Roomie or my annoying neighbour or the dog that tries to poop on my garden or the Hydro guy or the door-to-door sales dude or...

(5) Stress has done a number on my immune system. My being sick almost every other week since September -- and getting some "weird neck thingie" that I TMI'd on Facebook -- have been proof of that. For a much-needed immunity boost, I've started taking probiotics again and increased my vitamin D. The Vit D has made the biggest difference because having dark skin and being a hermit the entire winter made me D-deficient.

(6) Before kids, I was diagnosed with insulin resistance, a condition that led to gestational diabetes during my 1st pregnancy. I managed to control it during the latter part of that pregnancy, postpartum, and through my 2nd pregnancy with a strict low-carb/insulin resistance diet. Then, I fell off the wagon in 2007, felt rotten almost every day, and gained 25 pounds. Good news: I've since hopped back on the insulin-resistance diet train, feel less "foggy brained", and have already lost 4 pounds.

(7) I'm doing calming, relaxing activities like knitting. This is my daughter's blanket...

(8) I've added walking to my exercise regimen. Outside in the sunlight and fresh air. 30 minutes or more. Very calming.

And that's what I've been up to. So far, so good. Gotta say, though, that it's been a bitch trying to eradicate my deeply ingrained bad habits with these yummier ones, but I'm trying my best. And that's really what matters.

Anyway, of course, I'll be keeping you all posted.


  1. I'm pretty certain the mother/daughter thing was about cascading transistors, wasn't it? The same guy also described analysis concerning the collector of a PNP BJT (bipolar junction transistor) as "looking up her skirts", following that description later in the same lecture by asking a question of the class, getting no response, and nodding to a girl in the front row and saying "ask pussycat, pussycats are smart, she knows".

    Now let us sit back and see what kind of new traffic is driven to your site by google searches! :-)

    And while we're taking your blog off on an electrical tangent, I see that XKCD has a comic covering exactly what you're talking about. The synchronicity is fun!

  2. I think if you had just started masturbating more, all of those other worries would just float away.

  3. @Albert: I didn't quite remember if it was op-amps or diodes, but I had a strong leaning to diodes for some reason I currently cannot remember. Yes, I remember that whole "Pussycat" incident! I also recall sitting in that class... whether or not I was taking it is a different matter... the look of WTF on KK's face was priceless! LOL

    @Avitable: I should've known to come to you first, dear wise Sir Adam. :)

  4. I am also in the process of trying to lessen my load that I am currently juggling. It's hard, especially when I'm entering the education world where networking is so important. Hopefully I can find a balance before I too stumble over from exhaustion. I hope you are starting to get some energy back!

  5. Don't beat yourself up. Everyone needs a few bad habits. And that blanket is GORGE. I want one. Or four.

  6. Good luck with your ventures...I wrote about this back in early March when I missed FOUR (the horror!) days of work. Totally. Burned. Out. Anyway, I have kept some of my promises to myself...but not all. I think I'm gonna steal some of your ideas too, I like 'em! It's definitely a work in progress. Maybe we can cheer each other on.
    Go MOMMA!