"I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings."

Thoughts that would only get lost in the din of Twitter but don't have the legs to stand in blog post form...
  • I'm still pissed that they canceled Farscape, Odyssey 5, Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, and Defying Gravity. Especially Defying Gravity.
  • I plan to wear dresses more often this summer. Sadly, that won't happen if I don't buy more dresses.
  • Tried bison for the first time a few days back -- in meatball form, see?

  • Why won't Lindsay Lohan just stay home for a change?!!! (I'm watching Access Hollywood at the mo.)
  • Yes, I'm drinking coffee again. Oh, keep your panties on -- it's decaf. And I'm still in love with green tea.
  • Going through sugar-withdrawal is a bitch. My head feels very explode-y. But I think it's almost over, and so far, I've lost 5 pounds.
  • I've lost 5 pounds. Just thought I'd say it again because it's so awesome.
  • I'm overjoyed that I taped the Madonna episode of Glee. Yes, *taped*. No PVR for me. I'm rockin' it old skool!
  • I still haven't learned to never, NEVER weight myself when I have my period. Sometimes, I'm just not that bright. The fact that Lindsay Lohan's comings-and-goings somewhat interest me should prove that.
  • I washed that red right out of my hair. Oh, and the white too.
  • I'm chuffed that Brian Boitano has a cooking show on Food Network and that it's called "What would Brian Boitano make?"... the title of which is evidently an homage to the song written for him by DVDA.
  • Roomie is pissed that, almost every time he tunes into the Discovery Channel, he gets the show about King Crab fishermen.
  • People just don't wear lockets these days, so I bought myself a pretty new necklace...

    ... that's also a locket...


  1. I've always wanted to pull together some of my favourite tweets. Because I am kind of proud of some of them. Not all. Sweet merciful crap, no. I love how you've presented them. I might steal it. With credit, of course. :-)

    Love the word "chuffed". Might steal that too!

    (don't come back often to report on captcha, but "fackt"? How could I not?)

  2. So how was the bison? Certainly looks good!

  3. Especially Defying Gravity! Those bastards! *shakes fist*

    Mmm spaghetti and bison balls . . . wait what?

    Taped? TAPED?! Sheesh, I skipped right over PVRs and went straight to bittorrent. Hell I barely even turn on my TV any more and I still manage to watch too many TV shows.

    Mythbusters FTW!

  4. That bison balls meal is really an appearance of the FSM! I was touched by his noodly appendages. And his meaty balls.

  5. Angus Young29 April, 2010

    @Roomie - you're saying you ate the FSM? Who's the monster now, monster?

    And do you mean "touched" in a sentimental way, or something else? And who's saucier, the meaty balls, or you, you naughty boy?

  6. I love love love that locket. It's beautiful! I need to kick sugar, too. We do it together, withdrawal and all, okay? When you're ready, kick that decaf, too. I think a little regular coffee is better than decaf -- that's the "whole foods" philosophy, anyway! You can do it!

  7. I nominated you for an award on my blog, come on by & check it out!