Blogoversary Day 4: This Year's Faves

"Hey, where's the Q+A?!" you might be asking. Sorry, folks, my son is sick, so you'll have to wait until after this long weekend -- Gotta love Canadian Thanksgiving! So, meanwhile I present to you my list of LC faves of year 2...

I had a hard time deciding on my Top 10 favourite Life Candy posts. Really, they're all jems. Of course, right? So, I had to bump it up to 15.

Of the 171 posts I wrote over the past year, these 15 make me smile a whole lot more. Don't ask why. I can't really say. Anyway, here they are in the order they were published...

1: A Special Announcement

2: She's a Genius -- She clearly takes after Me.

3: Gettin' Busy in the Livingroom.

4: how does he come up with these things?

5: when lessons in table manners go curiously out of control

6: potluck, pals, and pillow fights

7: teaparties at my house are *always* this fun...

8: my f*ck it list - because life's too short to do everything.

9: the 2nd annual freebie list - who's on your list in 2009?

10: PSAs: Because you won't like me when I'm stabby

11: a barbeque with loved ones through the haze of pina colada

12: it's been 9 years? already?! wow!

13: mini's review from the land of lemonade...

14: 20 things I want you to know.

15: Q & A : the photographic interview

Do you have a favourite Life Candy post?


  1. After the long weekend. Hah! Need to find time to watch Stargate Universe first eh? *lol* j/k Hope your kiddo feels better before the weekend! :-)

  2. @Snowbear: (rp from facebook) hey, dude, I'll have you know that I've watch SGU... *TWICE*... and NOT online! :) (yeah, I know you were j/k... but still. :D)

  3. of course my fave is "ladies who lunch." heheheheh!!

  4. My favorite is... rectum.
    So wrong.


  5. What a great idea!!
    Working my way through the list.

    You are such an amazing writer!