Gettin' Busy in the Livingroom.

Okay, this past summer, I had some grand plans to makeover my livingroom. I shifted a bunch of stuff around, and it ended up like this:

Then, I lost my decorating mojo.

Actually, I became delusional. I'd convinced myself that I'd done so much work, that I truly deserved a break. Pfft. Look at the Before Shot -- I was really basking in the glow of Minor-Crap-Shufflage (it's a word).

Nothing changed until about a week later, when that pile of crap on the left suddenly doubled in size. Then the kids needed new booster seats, so the old ones were brought in -- yeah, brought in (and yeah, we're idiots) -- and dumped on top of that junk. Then add about 8 boxes of stuff from Roomie's mom's house.

We started to really hate that room. It became the place no one wanted to be in. Where you'd send yourself to be punished. The place where evil things from the '70s lived.

Until yesterday.

Once again armed with grand plans to put up the Christmas Tree in front of the window -- promising Mini that we'd do it this weekend... yes, I like to live on the edge -- I did some MAJOR shuffling. By the evening, I had it down to this:

Today, I secured the shelves to the wall -- our kids are stealthy climbing ninja monkeys -- and put back the books. Now, it looks like this:

As you can see, the area under the window is cleared for the Tree. The room feels wider. And now you can really see our eclectic bohemian way of decorating, which is our way of saying "no real decorating style".

Yes, you may now applaud.
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