The Holiday Season is Insane, as I will soon be.

As you may have noticed, I haven't been a-bloggin' much. Sorry. I've been trying. If I could show you my list of half finished posts on Blogger, I would, but that would totally spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say that you will be inundated with posts as soon as I get time to hammer them out.

You have been warned.

Meanwhile, yes, very busy. The many Christmas festivities at Lam and Mini's school started this week and will continue until the 19th. I admit it's been fun, but with that, Roomie's work party, 2 kids' birthday parties, and the numerous soirees held by friends this time of year, it's hard keeping the schedule straight.
As soon as I hear about an event, I have to write it down on the calendar IMMEDIATELY or risk forgetting about it all together. My calendar from Costco -- the best $8 investment EVER!

One consolation (and major thing off my to-do list) is that I'm almost done Christmas shopping. Just the 2 big gifts for the kids left. (But I won't tell you what they are yet, because the older one reads my blog from time to time -- I know, scary -- and the younger one will bug the older one until he tells her.)

Anyway, back to busy. After moving around heavy pieces of furniture on Tuesday, I had to haul my ass-kicked ass (more on that in a later post) and the smaller, fitter asses of my family to the school's Gingerbread House night.

For one hour, we assembled and decorated the houses in a manner that would make a very-much-alive Mike Holmes roll around in his grave -- yes, the horror will resonate that far into the future.

But the kids had lots of fun, Roomie had a chance to chat with his buddy Max Power, and I hooked up with Harmzie and the other moms.
As much as I complained about being dragged outside of my hermit-like existence on such a chilly night, I loved connecting with the folks in my community. I went to private school, and my parents avoided associating much with non-filipinos, so I never had this "belonging to a community" feeling as a kid. And I wish I had. So, yeah, I'm doing this for my kids -- and me.

Anyway, here are their masterpieces:

Thursday was the Santa Breakfast. Pancakes and sausages. Mini loved the "sap" (her name for maple syrup), and of course, she snarfed down the sausages. She's such a carnivore. Lam's class choir sang. He was awesome -- of course!

The kids didn't seem up to chatting with Santa. Don't know why. See? Look. They stood a safe distance away. No lap-sitting for these two. No, sir. Santa's a shady dude. No swanky red suit and promises of toys will sway my kids. No way. They're suspicious folk.


  1. Thanks for sharing your fun experience. Love the gingerbread houses and yes, my kids keep a safe distance from Santa as well! :)

  2. Busy hasn't even begun to cover it, yet. I'm getting to the point where I'm downright annoyed with people who have more time than me. Is that fair? No. But justifiable? Probably, though not likely in a court of law.