My Sister Likes 'Em Big.


My sister Ning likes big letters. What'd ya think I meant?

When I asked if she had a chance to read my blog, she said that the letters were too small for her to read. I told her to get glasses. But she's my sister, and I can say that to her -- she'll just tell me to shut up... even though she knows I'm right. ;)
(Her optometrist told her she didn't need glasses for far vision, but her near vision is slowly crappin' out on her.)

But what about my other readers who also like 'em big?

I can't tell you to get glasses -- you'll email me and call me a bitch -- which I would totally deserve... for many other reasons too... but still, we want to avoid that, right? :)

So, I've increased the font size of the blog.

Please let me know what you think...
Was it okay before? Is it okay now? Do you prefer the smaller font or the larger font?

Lemme know. Thanks!

Update: December 11, 2008
Thanks for all of your comments and emails! Based on your suggestions, I've decided to just increase the size of the font on the posts, navigation bar, and upper sidebar. The rest I'll keep at the small size.
I won't be changing the font itself -- I like Trebuchet. Lots.


  1. I thought it was fine before, but I do a lot of blog reading. Which ever you chose I wouldn't go any larger. That's my professional reader opinion :-)

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  3. I thought it was good before, but this one is OK too. Aesthetically, I prefer the smaller font.

  4. Honestly, I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said anything, but... I think I liked it smaller. Either way though I'll still read your blog! I think a narrower font might help, I like the font you use, but it gets too wide if you make it too big. Also, can't you change the font size just on your own pc with an option within the browser? :P

  5. @Kari:
    Okay, thanks. Yeah, I don't think I'll go any bigger than this. :)

    I like it smaller too. Depending on reactions, I might go back to the smaller font.

    I thought so too, but I think my font settings overrides the browser's resize feature... I've never tried it though. I know so many who don't know how to use that feature anyway, so I just change it myself in the CSS.

  6. You don't have to change anything on your PC to use a different font --- you can enlarge the font within your browser jut by hitting either CTRL-SHIFT-= or just CTRL-= (SHIFT-= is the + sign).

    To make it smaller, just CTRL--.

    I do this all the time when I run across a page with a font too small.

    If your sister's browser doesn't have this feature, help her move off of Mosaic or whatever defective beast she's using and move onto Mozilla. I'm pretty sure the Microsoft browser has the same behaviour.

  7. @albert:
    as I said in my reply to Nicola, not too many people know about the resize function... and many more who do know are unwilling to use it.

    when people browse blogs, many don't care enough to change fonts... a new visitor will just say "wtf?! i can't read this!" and just move on.

    So, as I said, it's much easier to just change it in my CSS (aka blog template).

    My sister is too afraid to stop using IE.

  8. hi nanette, thanks for subscribing in my blog.

    btw, about the font size, for me that's enough compared to my blog's font size, i prefer smaller fonts but, perhaps someone reading my blog is also like your sister, so i think i might consider changing it to a bigger fonts.

    thanks, i'll add you to my blog list. hope to see you more often.

  9. "Bah!" I say. I say "bah!".

    If they're too lazy make the effort to learn a single two-finger keystroke to make their browsing life easier or more enjoyable, they're not the kind of people that would read your blog anyway. Because, you know, they have to select the bookmark to go look at it and everything.

    I know exactly the type of person this is --- my niece would make exactly that sort of excuse. I don't think your sister is my niece (is she?) but that girl provides enough fodder to start a completely different blog, so I'll drop that tangent right there.

    My argument is --- you shouldn't change anything you're doing to please anyone else (*). You're doing a great job, keep it up.

    * Some exceptions may be made at your discretion for your loving husband, the hardest working man in the business.

  10. This may be crazy (again with the paint-fumes, perhaps), but I actually agree with AB.

    Except for his "exception". Let your loving-husband-H-W-M-I-T-B get & keep his own blog. Do what you like.

  11. @albert & @harmzie:
    Um... okay...
    So you're saying you don't care what my font text size is?

    LOL... listen to yourselves! :)

    A bunch of crazy engineers working themselves up into a tizzy...

  12. @albert & @harmzie:
    okay, I'm done laughing now...

    you may have misunderstood...

    I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't something I'd be willing to change. No one tells me what to do on my blog... unless I ask, right?

    Font size means little to me as the writer -- it means more for my readers who are *reading* it.

    Which is why I am asking my READERS for their opinion.

    Makes sense, eh? :)

  13. - make the font size whatever you want, it's all the same to me, I change it using my browser if I need to. Ditto the font --- I don't care what you pick, I override it because my browser allows me to. :-)

    And regarding the exceptions to please the hubby, I wasn't actually thinking of changing anything in the blog with respect to "pleasing anyone else", I was just thinking in general. Sometimes keeping your spouse happy is important. Or maybe I've just been brainwashed and it's important to keep *your wife* happy and you guys are off the hook.

    And here comes the hypocrisy --- I completely love the comments feed that I asked you to add! :-)

    More Ishtar, please!

  14. I agree with AB on the font SIZE. Your font *type* is just fine, but I have to say (since you're asking) that - and not that it looks like you're going to go there - I would strongly object to Comic Sans. And more Ishtar. I would strongly object to more Ishtar.

  15. I had updated the post -- on Thursday -- with my decision on the font size issue... check it out!

    I never said I didn't take requests!... glad you like the comments feed... as for Ishtar... I guess we'll see on the next movie quiz! :)

    actually, I was just asking for input on font SIZE, not *type*, in the original post...

    but thanks for your input :)

    comic sans angers me for reasons unknown...

  16. the thing is, Nenette, that you're a scientist and can program away. we other bloggers can't experiment as much as you do to make such improvements. so it's nice that you can change the font size and leave everything else the same.