Gettin' Busy in the Livingroom.

Okay, this past summer, I had some grand plans to makeover my livingroom. I shifted a bunch of stuff around, and it ended up like this:

Then, I lost my decorating mojo.

Actually, I became delusional. I'd convinced myself that I'd done so much work, that I truly deserved a break. Pfft. Look at the Before Shot -- I was really basking in the glow of Minor-Crap-Shufflage (it's a word).

Nothing changed until about a week later, when that pile of crap on the left suddenly doubled in size. Then the kids needed new booster seats, so the old ones were brought in -- yeah, brought in (and yeah, we're idiots) -- and dumped on top of that junk. Then add about 8 boxes of stuff from Roomie's mom's house.

We started to really hate that room. It became the place no one wanted to be in. Where you'd send yourself to be punished. The place where evil things from the '70s lived.

Until yesterday.

Once again armed with grand plans to put up the Christmas Tree in front of the window -- promising Mini that we'd do it this weekend... yes, I like to live on the edge -- I did some MAJOR shuffling. By the evening, I had it down to this:

Today, I secured the shelves to the wall -- our kids are stealthy climbing ninja monkeys -- and put back the books. Now, it looks like this:

As you can see, the area under the window is cleared for the Tree. The room feels wider. And now you can really see our eclectic bohemian way of decorating, which is our way of saying "no real decorating style".

Yes, you may now applaud.


  1. Wow, look at the difference! I didn't even notice that doorway to the right the last time you blogged about it. The floors look really great now too, with the mat switch/clearout combo. Nice work!

  2. looks beautiful. Almost HGTVish even... great job :)

  3. Hey, you won't catch me being anything but full of admiration for your success. Seventeen weeks to book a photo appointment over here!

  4. I was scared to check this post at work, until I realized you hadn't called it "Gettin' Bizzzaayyy in the Livngroom". Thanks.

    Looks good!

  5. It looks great! I've always wanted a blue or red wall. I love the bold colors. I bet it will look even better once the tree is up!

  6. HOLY COW - what a difference (not that it looked bad before) but I love how those bookshelves pull it right together. So.... when can you do my place :) ?

  7. I kind of liked the stepladder in the middle of the room in the second image... great for when the kids want to play superheroes!

    But what really pulls the room together is seen in the final image --- that mesmerizing silver coloured squirrel on top of the left bookshelf. My eyes were drawn to it and I could not look away. The perfect detail, perfectly placed. You are a genius!

    But wait --- what's that, barely visible in the lower right corner of the third image? The stepladder is still there! Yay! Superhero leaps for all!

  8. Looks great! The room looks much bigger with the bookshelves on the blue wall. Plus, your pictures fill in the space perfectly now.

  9. Hello there! got here via blue rose, your swap partner.
    I can beat the mess in your living room with my dining room, lol ... you can't even see the top of my dining room table anymore! Mind if I link your blog to mine? I'd like to come back here and check it out every now and then. Visit mine when you have a chance?

  10. Thank you all so much for the compliments!

    I'll be putting up new curtains too. I'll make sure to blog about that too.

    @James Francisco:
    Great to hear from you, my dear little brother! Give your lovely lady and little girl big hugs from me. :)

    Ah, yes, the 17 weeks :)

    I have to keep my posts work-viewable -- my kid reads this thing! Oh, and BTW, my kid reads your blog too ;)

    I'll have the tree up by this evening. Pictures of that will follow!

    Yeah, I had a feeling that the bookshelves would make all the difference. As soon as I get all my stuff sorted here, I'll be right over to do yours ;)

    Oh, never mind the stepladder -- the kids would play superheros on the shelves! And that's why we secure them to the studs.
    Are you kidding? The livingroom wouldn't be complete without our beloved Davey Crack-it!

    The pictures feel like they need to come down a couple of inches, but that's too much work for me! :)

    Welcome! Oh, my diningroom table isn't great either! It still needs work too. :) I'm working on it room by room... it's a lot of work!
    I've linked back to you in my blogroll. Thanks for linking to me!

  11. This turned out great Nenette, WTG!