Blogoversary Day 3: That's What You Said.

Due to Mommyhood stepping in and throwing me a schedule-slashing neck punch, I didn't get a chance to do the Question/Answer vlog post I promised for today. (Thank you so much for your questions!) I'll be working on it today/tomorrow.
Instead, you will now get the post I had scheduled for Day 4, which of course is awesome too! Thanks for your patience...

You guys are funny! Here are some of my reader's comments from this past year that made me, you know, *LOL*... (in no particular order)...

"Why are poptarts on this list? it should be deleted and replaced it with 'greasy kitchen dust-bunnies' I mean I'm not (totally) against their existence (I've had them when I was a teenager & more easily influenced by the pull of 'buy this & you'll be as cool as they are'), but they shouldn't be on a list of *desserts*. Even jello isn't haute couture, but it is a dessert."
- Harmzie from The Sweet 100

"Thumbs up to all your sci-fi lovin. :-D But metal roofing? Really? That's just odd. *lol*
Also, you forgot to put boobs on your list. :-P Unless 'metal roofing' is another way of saying boobs."
- Snowbear from the list of things that I think are totally the tits

"!!! Bloody hell! Now I have another raving loony friend with a blog to follow!?! Don't you people ever stop talking?
- Albert Bannatyne from Chop, Chop, Chop...

"That's exactly the time I hit saturation point, as well. We snacked on salad last night. By choice. As a snack. Salad.
It cannot get stranger than this."
- Wyliekat from so, self-indulgence *does* have its limits.

"I wear my tiara at least three times a week. Isn't that normal?"
- Country Girl/Rougie from we're all about the decadence.

"She's lying. The photo is blurry because it was a pillow fight. That's how they go.
Seriously, before I went out, I asked Max: "How do I look? Do I look good enough to hit with a pillow?" he said: "yes, you're pillow-worthy" (bad Seinfeld reference there, if you caught it)"
- Harmzie from potlucks, pals, and pillow fights.

"you can have mr.ferguson, I'll take the small gangster bondage guy."
- zandra from I luuuuuuuu Craig Ferguson -- and so do you...

"I licked my sister under your bed because that's how I roll.
Dang. How is it that everyone else came up with cute and funny, and I ended up with pervy and unsettling?"
- Wyliekat from not a meme for the weekend. really, it's not. sorta.

"... your ass IS hot. Get over it. It's all I can do to not touch it. Sometimes I fail. (Not that there's anything wrong with that) (Unless you think so) (But you seem to giggle) (school girl)"
- Harmzie from unfinished projects including my un-hot ass

"When you said to ask you anything, my mind went immediately into the gutter. It did not pass go, it did not collect $200.00."
- Paul Johns from random quickies 03

Thanks for the giggles, guys! Here's to even more giggles in Year 3. :)


  1. Good work commenters! Why don't I get such quality comedy??

  2. I wish I was that good on my own blog. But there I have to come up with my own ideas and I can't just steal yours and add a twist to them. Oh who am I kidding, I do that anyway.

    Excellent additions. Several that I missed! I thought I kept up...

  3. w00t! Made the list again! :-D Didn't I make this list last year? *lol* Looks like I'll have to do a little better though to keep up with Harmzie's razor sharp funny bone. ;-)

    Also, CAPTCHA word for this comment is "maters" . . . Hee hee! Maters!

  4. I'm with Harmz - how is it that anything remotely funny that passes into the ether is said elsewhere?

    In other news, Harmzie should be doing stand-up.

  5. So true! I enjoy reading the comments almost as much as your posts