Birthday Blogstravaganza: Part Trois - In Your Words

"I'm not getting dressed until I get arrested!!! Oh, hello, Officer..." - Mike Murphy

You guys are really enjoying the party! I'm so impressed with your karaoke skills! Wow, great "Material Girl", Kari!... Yes, Sly, I think they do have The BeeGees' "Tragedy"... After I refill the punch bowl, Myrtle and I are going to sing "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"... Squee!!!...

I LOVE hearing from my readers! You are such a fun, creative, and insightful bunch. But mostly, you crack me up! Here, in no particular order, are the 10 comments from the last year that made me smile...

1) "Shower in under 5 minutes? That's a challenge? For someone other than Chewbacca?"
- Albert Bannatyne from the 8 Skills Every Woman Should Master post

2) "Your 6-foot bronze lawn ornament of me holding a pottery bust of Elvis is being delivered later today. No, no, I insist!"
- Harmzie from the Love, Romance, Bronze & Pottery post

3) "Neither Brad Pitt nor George Clooney are on my list. They aren't geeky enough for me. :) I like my guys tall, dark, mysterious and slightly nerdy."
Jami - Bionic Beauty from the Who's on Your Freebie List? post

4) "It's really hard to provide any meaningful comment given the excessive roominess in those jeans. I mean, they're baggy enough that you could hide a sack of oatmeal down there somewhere."
Albert Bannatyne from the My Daily Exercise Project post

5) "I just tried it. And yes, the interviewer told me that I was being hired based on the quality of my nipples. Not sure what he meant, but now I have a great job with a bright future. Thanks LifeCandy!"
Paul Johns from the Of Stains and Nipples post

6) "Boba Fett was my favourite shadow character. He was so mysterious & such a renegade... dreamy...
I know that doesn't relate to anything, but I don't have a blog to jot down my random thoughts, so I just use yours... :-)"
Harmzie from the Lightsabers Smash & Crackle post

7) "Hmmm.... maybe he just wants a more fashionable mask?"
Albert Bannatyne from the Nenette vs. Lawnmower Man post

8) "I actually think you look pretty hot in that picture with your hair just like it is. ;-) Granted 'hot' isn't always appropriate. :-P Especially if it's the '+30C, blazing sun on asphalt' kinda hot."
SnowBear from the A Hairy Dilemma post

9) "My life would be best characterized by a romantic/comedy, with a plot similar to 'When Harry Met Sally', but substitute out Billy Crystal with Tom Hanks, and Meg without the Botox."
Jen Hill - Mythbuster Beauty from the Share & Win: The Biopic Edition post

10) "Wait, why would I cover you in chocolate if I'm going to stab you with an icepick. That's a horrible waste of chocolate. Unless it's chocolate syrup which I've always found kind of disgusting, in which case that scenario seems much more sane."
- Jenny - The Bloggess from the Ever Have One of These? post

Okay, in the immortal words of my grandmother, "Eat! Eat!" Seriously, you guys need to dilute the boozy punch with some lumpia and sashimi. Then you can drink some more. Party on!!!... :)

Relive the whole virtual birthday bash... Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.


  1. Hey I made it on a Top 10 list! w00t! :-D And Happy Birthday lifecandy!

  2. What cracks me up me is your tagline "Because my life is as sweet as me".

    I'm not saying that it's not appropriate for you, but when I read the "me" part of it a little voice in the back of my head processes it to mean my life is only as sweet as me, and replies... so, what, that's the best flavour I can get?
    Of course, back in the olden days when Usenet was all the rage, I was surprised when an acquaintance emailed me saying "I think this post is about you". It was from the newsgroup alt.bitterness, where Paul God had posted something along the lines of "Oh, Albert, where are you my bitterness mentor!". Those were my pre-marriage days though, things have changed. It's not all rice vinegar now, now it's mostly vinetarta!

  3. @SnowBear -
    Thanks! And congrats at making a top 10 list. ;) Great to hear from ya!

    @albert -
    That was the point of my tagline, my dear, and thank you for being the first to "get it"... or at least, say something about getting it.
    Determining my degree of sweetness was always left as an exercise for the reader.
    And it gives me an 'out', so that I don't have to always write about the sweet stuff... Candies can be pretty sour too! :)

  4. What a good idea for a post! You have some very... uh... interesting... shall we say... guests. Happy Birthday, too!

    I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work, and here's to many more years!

  5. I made the list! Sweet! I knew my nipple comment was a winner! Happy Birthday to this awesome blog!

  6. @anonymous -
    Thank you so much for the greeting and the compliments! I'm so glad you're enjoying my posts :)

    @Paul -
    That nipple comment almost had me adding a "Testimonials" tab to my blog! My blog entertains and saves careers... what else?!... the possibilities are endless!!! ;P LOL!
    Thanks for hangin' with us, Paul!

  7. I have a correction to my earlier comment. The alt.bitterness post was not from Paul God, it quoted Paul God. It was posted October 30, 1992 by your own husband! And more exact wording was:

    Where are you, Albert B.? My bitter mentor, my master of bitterness.

    Wow, even I'm surprised I kept this and that I could find it so quickly.

  8. I'm surprised for all those things but more that you felt the need to correct it!

    You cute little engineer, you.


  9. d'oh! Albert had three top 10s and I only had two.

    That's on my goal list for this next year: BE MORE FUNNY (measurable: LC top 10 quotation list)

  10. Tom and I are really honored. Thanks Nenette and Happy Birthday!

  11. I made it to the top 10! Yeehaw!

    I mean, just barely, but counts.

  12. @albert:
    yup, you are such a cute engineer :)
    I recall my spousal unit telling me about that. It sounded familiar.

    you are plenty funny, girlfriend. it was a matter of finding a little snippet, a one-liner... you write LONG funny comments :)

    thanks! to you and tom ;)

    @jenny, the bloggess:
    they were in no particular order, and considering that was the first and only comment you've left thusfar, excellent record, my friend -- one for one! :)