Birthday Blogstravaganza: Part 4 - My Bloggie Faves

As I've said before, no blogger is an island. If you have a blog, you probably love reading blogs... yes, even the ones that you don't author. :)
Over the year, I've added so many blog feeds to my feedreader -- not only to entertain me, but to inform me. Bloggers are clever folk!
For a short list of blogs I love, check out my sidebar for the blogroll. Now, if I'm looking for something specific, I go here...

  • Beauty Blog: Bionic Beauty
  • Celebrity Gossip Blog: LaineyGossip
  • Design Blog: Apartment Therapy
  • Family-Life Hacking Blog: Simple Mom
  • Green Blog: Re-Nest
  • Money Management Blog: The Simple Dollar
  • Shopping Blog: Mighty Goods

  • Is this party getting outta hand?! Who suggested playing *Spin the Bottle*?!? And *Twister* just started in the Livingroom... sigh... I'll be in the Kitchen cutting into another Pavlova -- Good thing I thought to buy 5 cakes... Nummy... Anyone wanna join me? :)

    Relive the whole virtual birthday bash... Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.


    1. I love LaineyGossip too. :)
      It's nice to get some Canadian perspective.

    2. I never did like spin the bottle. I always had to smooch an icky boy! Ha ha!

      I am going to have to check out a few of those blogs. The party is still going strong!

    3. Hi!

      Just passing thru and saying hello to other Filipina Moms. Saw your link at and wanted to come by. I really enjoy your site and will be visiting again.


    4. @squawkfox:
      absolutely! and lainey is so funny... just love her!

      oh, yes, the icky boys... why are *they* always the ones joining the party games and not the hottie-hot-hotties?!
      glad you're still partying strong with us!

      thank you so much for visiting and commenting! very happy you like my blog :)