"Why'd This Make Me Think Of You?"

My buddy harmzie, a faithful reader of xkcd and, of course, lifecandy, emailed this to me under the subject "why'd this make me think of you??"

Is it because I have a disappointing lover? heavens, no... *I'm* a disappointing lover? surely you jest... My lover doesn't have enough scratches, black eyes, or isn't limping after a night in the sack with me - and he should?! hmmm...

Nah, I think it's because I'm often the instigator of the weird and wonderful girlie things we do on our girls' night out - like asking for everyone's freebie list, finding out the strangest places where each one's had sex, and getting everyone to say "in bed" after reading their fortune...

And yes, I believe it is better with "except in bed". My friends know me so well. :)


  1. so... every email I send you is now going on your blog? I'll have to be a little more peticular! ;-)

  2. @harmzie -
    well, it depends... the raunchier it is, the better the chances of it getting blogged... :)